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What is the Best Home Loan for Me?

Ok, you're thinking about buying a home and the first, most important step is getting pre-approved with a qualified licensed lender. Where do you go? Your personal bank? Hunt online? How do you know you're getting the right type of home loan, competitive rates and great service?

With so many options available it can leave you feeling a bit overwhelmed with where to start, even anxious about contacting anybody.

what is the best home loan for me

Home Loans - "The Best Kept Secret"

Ever hear the phrase "cart-before-the-horse", before? In real estate, that phrase can apply to many things.

In your quest for the perfect home loans, you can kill two birds with one stone and gain a competitive edge over other buyers looking at similar

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Home Inspections - Detection and Disclosure

Once you find a buyer for your home, the home inspection process is an important part of the home-selling process, and it’s helpful to know what to expect on your inspection day. The home inspector will mainly concentrate on the condition and structure of your home, and will be restricted to a visual inspection of the house.

Property disclosures are a sort of first step for buyers to review, but only a first step. A seller who had a leaking roof, but was professionally repaired need not disclose, and in the case of inherited homes (laws can vary state to state), if the seller has never lived in the home the last year prior to listing, property disclosures are not required.

 what if my home inspection fails

What if my Home

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Real Estate Photography -Do Listing Photos Really Matter?

The short answer: Absolutely. In this post, I'd like to talk about quality, speed on mobile devices and SEO friendly images. You might find some of the online tools and advice handy for your next listing.

Gone are the days when the first stop on the home search was a drive-by.  In today’s market, the average buyer begins their search on the internet, and contacting an agent or taking the time to view the exterior of a property comes second and third.

real estate photography

As a result, the first impression most buyers have of a home is from the photos that accompany the listing in online real estate searches.  If your listing photos don’t measure up, buyers will simply move on to the next listing.


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The Next Housing Bubble - Preparing for a Storm

Remember how awful the fallout was when the housing bubble burst and the madness ensued 2008 and took years to reformulate back to a sane, general real estate market.

It's starting to look like we could end up in the soup again due to some very unwise actions in the lending industry.

survive the next housing bubble

There are some factors that could help hedge against another disaster, and for those that appreciate foresight you may be able to do more than just weather the storm, even capitalize on it. Real estate could be said to be the backbone of the economy so let's take a look at what's gong to affect it, and who it's going to affect and how.

Buyers ♦ Sellers ♦ Agents ♦ Owners ♦ Investors

Bank of America is rolling

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Choosing a Realtor Wisely - Avoid Sunshine Agents

Buyers and sellers can lose time and money, get stuck in adverse circumstances and even suffer a complete failure of meeting their goals. Especially crucial when either party has anxious time constraints or financial concerns.

What would you prefer? Dream home or dashed dreams? Great sale or expired listing?

 good real estate agents near me

There are a lot of remarkable Realtors out there, and my good pleasure to know quite a few and we work together to make deals happen.

Unfortunately, there are an even greater number of "sunshine agents" that would do the industry a favor by getting out of the business.

The Q&A Conversation

Not sure what to look for? Anxious about making a mistake with your choice of agent? View

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Home Staging, Yes! Sabotage, No!

So, you’re going to sell your home. It’s empty, but clean and you hire a professional home stager, or maybe you have some personal furnishings about like a cherished chandelier or stunning mahogany dining table.

You left those items there because they look great for the listing photos and for home buyers on showing tours. DON'T let it sabotage your sale!

home staging sell for more

While a properly staged home (with or without your personal stuff) is well-documented for selling quicker and netting more, it can also sabotage your sale if you and your Realtor aren’t careful with the details.

More super tips for selling your home for more

You may have heard the maxim “location, location, location”. An equally important is  “get in

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Buying a Home – Beating the Competition

In most markets, home buyers often find themselves in competition for the home they want, or to find a home at an attractive price in their target area.

In the case of multiple offers, the anxiety and stress sets in, the waiting and if unsuccessful the process begins all over again. Or a buyer finds a home they like and inquire about it only to find it just went pending. Want to beat the competition?

first time home buying

Victory Loves Preparation”

– a quote from the movie, The Mechanic (great film for action goers and Jason Stathom fans).

There are some things home buyers just don't realize when they start out, and I'd like to see you succeed. You'll find (hopefully not in retrospect) the last tip is the most

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Mortgage Loan Closing Time

Once again, according to a new report released by Ellie Mae, the amount of time to close on a mortgage loan lengthens. In January, the average time rose to 50 days total, up four days since the "Know Before You Owe" mortgage disclosure rules went live in October last year. 

4 days may not seem like much but estimated closing time totals can be painful for buyers, sellers and agents, at times adversely affecting some circumstances and has grown 10 days longer since January of 2015.

how long to close on my home

Closing times are definitely a considerable factor in successful real estate transactions, effecting different parties in different ways. A little foresight can keep your deal from going awry.

Mortgage Closing Timeframes

Let's take a

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I Get Hate Mail, It's Mail and I Hate it - Stop Junk Mail

I'd like to see more of my desk. What is this mound growing next to or behind my chair. Is there anything important in that avalanche waiting to happen?

Let's face it. We all get junk mail. Buyers, sellers and real estate agents, people period. But once you have a new address, or selling a current one rest assured the mail demons will catch your scent and soon you'll be inundated once more.

stop junk mail

In the real estate world, it's terrible to see huge piles of mail at a showing, and buyers get quickly barraged with all kinds of things, and just living somewhere for any lengthy of time ( a month or more ) is enough to become a target. The trees! The trees!

4 Steps to Take Control of and Stop

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5 Home Improvements and Upgrades that Pay Off

If you are planning to build your dream home from scratch or update your current or buying a property, it is a good idea to not only include features that you and your family desire, but also to include upgrades that will increase the value of your new home.

best home improvements

With the endless array available, home owners looking to save on their monthly budget or those thinking about selling a home may want to invest in these effective upgrades. Saving money or increasing house value and appeal, either way, these are smart items.

One of the discussions I love having with buyer and seller clients, a couple of these may surprise you.

4 Home Improvements That Can Lower Your Tax Bill

5 Home Improvements for

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