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Luxury Listings – Selling Your Splendid Home

selling a home, selling a luxury homeSelling a luxury home has a ton in common with selling other residential properties but with a few extra considerations.

Two items that selling a luxury home and other residential properties have, or should have, in common are working with a professional Realtor with a proven track record and also pricing the property correctly. Let’s look at these two items first.

4 Major Points for Selling Luxury Homes

The Realtor does matter:

I strongly suggest when shopping for a Realtor the first thing you want to do is look for reviews and testimonials. There should be plenty of great reviews and testimonials both recent and past.

You also want to ensure that the real estate agent you choose understands

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Homeowners Insurance - Quality, Claims and Regrets

homeowner insuranceI'm sure you've seen all the commercials on television for car insurance and have noticed cheap, fast or "insure anyone" but when it comes to buying a home and purchasing homeowners insurance cheap, fast and companies that will insure anyone jeopardize everything you've worked so hard for.

You've seen the Allstate commercials, right? "There will still be pain", "Maybe you should have done more research on your insurance company", "They'll only replace three-quarters of the value of your car" etc.

Well, just imagine if it was your home in question, not a car. Yikes!

My first and foremost advice about buying homeowners insurance is ratings and reviews, especially with regard to claims and

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Eco Friendly Homes and Products

eco friendly homes, eco friendly productsAn increasing concern of home buyers, home sellers do well to pay attention to this monumental growing trend of eco friendly homes and products for the house. 

Personally, I'm glad; it's overdue in my opinion.

For those that appreciate our planet and concerned with what they can do to mitigate or prevent environmental damage with everyday choices to making bigger investments, I've compiled some information about eco friendly homes and popular to less-known eco friendly products.

We have to, and have begun to re-envision the way we live and the home is a huge and fantastic place to start.

As a Realtor, my business partner Marty Snyder and I encourage other real estate agents to get eco friendly savvy as the

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4 Home Improvements to Lower Your Tax Bill

home improvement, lower tax bill, reduce tax billAs this year’s tax season ends (thank goodness!) and you begin to look forward to another year, it’s best to not forget about your taxes completely.

If you are buying, just bought or a long-term home owner, did you know that making certain types of renovations to your home could significantly lower the amount you owe on your taxes next year?

If you plan to renovate, read on to find out the 4 best home improvements that will allow you to reap rewards come tax time.

At the same time, the home improvements I've listed along with some possible suggestions about mortgage paid improvements can actually improve your financial picture in other ways and increase the comfort of your home.

If you're

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When to Hire a Real Estate Attorney

when to hire a real estate attorneyMy business partner, Marty Snyder and I work with a lot of first time buyers and this question of if or "when to hire a real estate attorney" comes up often.

The answer is both yes and no, simple and complicated and has largely to do with your circumstances, the type of property you're buying and even your unique circumstances.

Too, the choice of hiring a real estate attorney can be effected buy what state or sometimes regions within a state you reside or purchase in.

Hire a Real Estate Attorney: Short Answer

For the basic purchase of a property that shows clean title, there's no need to hire a real estate attorney. This means traditional offers from owner-sellers, foreclosures, HUD homes etc. A competent

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West Chester OH Homes and Lifestyle

west chester ohio homes for sale, homes for sale west chester ohioLiving next door to West Chester in Monroe Ohio, I love the short trip to this dynamic Cincinnati suburb, consistently rated one of the best places to live.

It's easy to make a day of visiting "The Streets of West Chester" for its scores of stores, services, boutiques and plenty of places to grab a fast bite or a sit-down dinner in style.

Of course, living in Monroe or West Chester also place you near King's Island Amusement Park. Yes, I'm getting old, but I still love and dare the roller coasters. Also, West Chester is not a bad drive to downtown Cincinnati and huge opportunities for fun at places like Fountain Square with public festivals (my favorite is Oktoberfest).

West Chester OH Real Estate Market

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4 Craptastic Listing Agent Marketing Mistakes

sell my home, sell my home fast, sell my home for moreAs most people probably figure, not all Realtors are equal, buying or selling it's wise to choose an agent with prudent criteria.

If you're selling a home and ready to find an agent or screen real estate agents that are perhaps referred to you, here is a list of pertinent questions you can ask to determine if they are skilled at bringing the buyers.

Before I dive into the tips, if you think it doesn't matter you should realize that approximately 90% of sales are accomplished by 10% of agents.

Secondly, when you do hire a good listing agent who does a good volume of sales annually, listen to their advice.

Selling a Home -3 Big Blunders

1 - Photos - This is a whopper - Providing only one photo,

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Planning to Sell? Start With a Clean Slate

selling a home, sell my home fastIt's interesting to come across posts speculating (and some with actual research) about different smells in a home a for sale and what works best; air fresheners, chocolate chip cookies, scented candles etc. But you can go wrong with clean.

The whole point of opening up a house to prospective buyers is to help them imagine their own life in that home. Bad smells, funky smells or smells like too much perfume while you're eating a steak dinner kind of smells don't help.

My point is, you can't go wrong with a simply clean-smelling home.

Also, a light touch with staging whether your own or done by a professional should strike a balance. Too much clutter or too empty are both non-conducive for home seller

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Buying a Home While You are Under a Lease

buying a home while under lease, buying a home leaseTalk about a balancing act, but if you want to buy a home and you are currently under a lease at your current home, there are several things to consider to shape the timing of your strategy.

The first thing you'll want to do is decide when you would like to close and move into your next home.

With that in mind, you need to get your ducks in a row with financing, and that means getting preapproved for a mortgage in addition to other considerations to help formulate your plan.

Timing is everything though, on average it takes about 4-6 weeks to close on a residential property if you are financing. With preapproval, keep in mind, ideally you need a debt to income ratio of about 40% (or less) to succeed

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Real Estate Trends: Move-in-Condition

real estate trends, move in conditionLook around the internet at big profile real estate authority sites at trends and you'll soon discover that millennials desire move-in-condition properties.

A primary concern of younger buyers, which we're seeing a lot more of, is that properties are either new, renovated and updated and in move-in condition.

Older home sales, as-is property sales are likely to trend downward over 2016 while affordable homes ready for occupants are likely to sell much faster.

A few factors account for this. Many millennial buyers are carrying encumbering student loan debt and have extraordinarily busy lives as most young professional do. They are likely to not want to spend the time or the money to invest in fixing up a

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