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How to Sell Your Home Fast - for More or Both

Greetings readers, back after a reprieve from social medial to enjoy Memorial Day weekend (thank you dear veterans) and today I'd like to talk about how to sell your home fast, for more or both.

There are two people involved in selling your home, you and your Realtor and there are plenty of things both can do but are often overlooked or skipped over.

how to sell your home fast

Let's talk about what each can do regarding how to sell a home fast.

Regarding what you can personally do, the first thing to consider is the type of property and the condition with respect to other homes in your neighborhood.

Is it in move-in condition or is the property in need of some repair or all out rehab?

Repairs and updating aren't

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West Chester Ohio Homes for Sale

Hello again, back again this time to talk about West Chester Ohio homes for sale and some of the hottest, most popular subdivisions, neighborhoods and areas for house hunters.

Before I go into the hot locations for real estate in West Chester, for those that are familiar with this dynamic Cincinnati suburb here's a bit of info the help you out.

west chester ohio homes for sale

Technically, it's Olde West Chester or West Chester Township but everyone simply calls it West Chester. The community has a population of about 61,000 and growing. Regarding homes for sale in West Chester Ohio, it is perhaps best known for its affordable custom stone homes.

A community also known for great schools and city services, there's no shortage of activities

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Fairfield OH Real Estate's Popular Locations

One of my favorite Cincinnati real estate markets, the homes for sale Fairifield Ohio offers present abundant options and currently around 150 residential properties available. 

Living in Fairfield places buyers close to transportation ways into Cincinnati on up to West Chester and Monroe for some awesome shopping and entertainment and locally you have Jungle Jim's International market: perfect if you're a foodie like me. 

fairfield ohio real estate

Many of the homes for sale in Fairfield have outstanding custom kitchen designs and my favorite room in any house. If you're looking to buy a home in Fairfield, I'd like to share a few of the popular locations and what you can expect to find.

Some of the more sought after

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Does Your Realtor Understand Home Financing?

Buying a home is no small undertaking, including home financing, and you should know if you didn't already, that calling the listing agent is a bad idea (they promised the seller to net as much as possible from the sale) and you should work with a reputable agent that will serve you as a buyer's agent.

So, now you know to find a buyer agent, a Realtor, but that leaves you wide open to a world of hurt when it comes to home buying. In addition to negotiation skills, responsiveness to your questions and inquiries, you better make damn sure they understand the world of home financing.

does your realtor understand home financing

The type of home loan you qualify for will determine what homes you should be looking at so you don't waste your time.

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Radon Gas, Testing and Mitigation

First time buyers and even some second time buyers may or may not know about Radon; what it is, the health consequences, testing costs, mitigation and costs to mitigate.

What is Radon Gas?

Radon is an odorless & colorless gas that has been known to cause cancer. It cannot be seen or detected by the naked eye or nose for that matter. Most people will hire a professional radon testing professional and their sophisticated equipment. If you don't want to go to the expense of hiring a professional company, radon testing kits can be found at your local hardware store. 

radon gas

It has been said that radon gas may enter a home by penetrating the soil and leaching up into the lowest level of a home, typically and is most

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10 Steps on How to Buy a House

You start poking around the internet, looking at homes and entertaining the idea of how wonderful it would be, but need a starting place on how to buy a house and stop paying your landlord's mortgage.

It's an admirable goal with a lot of benefits; improved credit, building equity and having a valuable asset that can pay off handsomely down the road as a rental property someday when you upgrade to another property or sell it off for retirement funds later in life. Too, making a place uniquely your own and filling it with grand memories and the sense of pride that only a homeowner would know.

how to buy a house

It takes more than dreaming about it though. Dreams are great, but breaking down a goal into manageable steps helps ensure

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Buying a Home Wisely - The Fool's Errand

Here at our real estate business in SW Ohio and the greater Cincinnati real estate market my business partner Marty Snyder and I spend a great deal of time educating each new home buyer client about a lot aspects of the home buying process.

It's almost funny to me that one of the first things I hear after picking up the phone or answering a few emails "so, you're not the listing agent?"

how to make an offer on a home

I have to smile to myself, and then of course answer no. Not that we don't carry listings.

But I want you to think about this for a moment - the listing agent promised the seller to net as much as possible for the home. Why, oh why would you want to talk to the listing agent?

I get it, presumably buyers that don't

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Multiple Offers - Which Offer Should I Take?

I'm also placing this post about multiple offers on a house in the "making offers" section of our real estate blog to help buyers understand making a strong offer. Particularly important if you're making an offer on a home that is popular and seeing a lot of interested activity.

You've listed your home and find yourself in multiple offers. Which ones should you consider and what will you decide? 

multiple offers on a house

Are you selling a home in SW Ohio?

It's not always about the most money, but often the stability and security of an offer.

When you only have one offer and no sign of another coming in, if the offer is in the right price range the decision is a lot more simple. Accept, counter or reject and wait for

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Shop Homes for Sale in Cincinnati, OH

The real estate in Cincinnati, OH offers a stunning variety of new and previously owned homes including condominiums, historical houses, contemporary apartments, and luxury estates. You can browse a range of architectural styles, neighborhoods, sizes and prices right on our website.

homes for sale in cincinnati oh

Cincinnati is full of unique, and up and coming neighborhoods. Some of the most popular areas with home buyers lately include Fairfield, Loveland, Madeira, Mariemont, Monroe, and fabulous West Chester. Find the home of your dreams today at SW Ohio Real Estate!

While many popular Southwest Ohio real estate markets including Cincinnati offer amazing luxury properties, one of the most stunning and historic communities is Indian

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Buying a Home in a Hot Market

how to make an offer on a home

Getting frustrated trying to buy a home in a competitive market? Going to start the process in a hot market that's highly competitive?

One of Ohio's top Realtors, I'd like to share some house hunting advice, and though the below is based on Monroe, OH the tips and insights are universal. Enjoy the read.


If you have not been paying attention to the real estate markets over the past few years, you might not be aware. The southwestern Ohio real estate market is on fire!

Gone are the days when a buyer can expect to write a low-ball offer and get the seller’s attention. 

Often when a buyer submits an offer that is too low, the seller will simply reject it and not even offer a counter-offer.

Low Ball

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