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Aging Parents - The Beauty of a Duplex

Hello again, been a while since I've posted and out due to issues with vision, age catching up it would seem. Speaking of age and aging, many of us in this day and age are caring for an elderly parent.

Not being one to look the other way, I cared for my mother for 17 years and dad now for about eight.

real estate investing duplex

There comes a time in your parent's life where they may not be able to be totally independent, or perhaps cannot afford to live in a retirement community. Maybe you just want to keep them close enough to keep an eye on but still at "arm's length" so they don't drive you batty.

I also want my father to keep his dignity and spend his final years and days where he should be - in his own place that he feels

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How and Why to Conduct a Final Walk-Through

You’ve probably read real estate blog articles to never skip home inspections, even on a newer home and in the same prudent practice, one should never skip conducting a final walk-through and in your best interest.

Once you’re handed the keys at closing, it’s your home or your headache.

home buying tips final walk through

A final step before a transaction is officially sealed, a final walk through is arranged by your Realtor and can be scheduled any time within a week of closing, best practice is the day before or better yet the morning before closing.

If the home was previously staged, first time buyers should prepare for the “unstaged” look as the furnishings and décor may have been removed by the time your final walk through is

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Summer Curb Appeal Ideas - Attracting Buyers

Many of us plant to attract bees, butterflies and local bird species, and if you think about it, you can use summer curb appeal to attract buyers just like birds, bees, etc.

One of the mega-benefits of upping your summer curb-appeal is the resultant photos and online image marketing; after all, photos sell homes. Too, consider the drive-by appeal - a home exploding with colorful beauty on the outside speaks to a well-cared-for home on the inside.

summer curb appeal

Before you begin, consider your budget, how much landscape you need to cover, look up your gardening and planting zone.

Please consider not using RoundUp for and Bayer weed control products - they kill bees in massive numbers, there are many great

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How to Appeal Property Tax Assessments

Back after a well-needed break, today my post is about whether or not you should challenge, and how to appeal a property tax assessment in Ohio (or other states).

Many home buyers and new home owners take a strong look at property taxes and wonder if the tax assessment is fair or correct.

how to appeal property tax assessment

If the tax assessment of a property results in too high a taxable value on a home it will naturally result in tax bills that are unfairly high. Though there are guidelines to tax assessment, the assessors themselves are human and capable of error.

Let’s look at how you may be able to lower the taxable value and how that can equate to big savings here in Ohio and around the U.S.

Prepping for Property Tax Appeal

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Proposed Save Act to Reduce Mortgage Defaults

Many first time buyers including the millennial crowd show increasing concern about energy conservation and environmental impact and matched by their desire to save financially.

With over 100 million homes in the U.S accounting for a fifth of our nation’s energy consumption, they are also responsible for almost 25 percent of our country’s greenhouse gas emissions.

the save act

A growing trend with no sign of slowing, energy efficient smart homes reduce utility costs while buffering homeowners against rising energy costs.

Similarities to “Know Before You Owe”.

In fact, a joint study by IMT, Core Logic and University of North Carolina showed that energy-efficient homeowners were 32 percent less likely to

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Montgomery Ohio Home for Sale - Hot Locations

Hope you all had a great Wednesday, :) Marty and I have been very busy helping buyers and marketing listings but I wanted to drop a line about Montgomery, Ohio homes for sale, the hot locations and popular neighborhoods.

Competitive, yes, but not as much as some other popular communities, but still competitive, real estate in Montgomery Ohio is percolating with seller's still having the upper hand. Notably, if you're in the market looking at homes in Montgomery, I can safely tell you they are selling within 3-4% of asking price.

montgomery ohio homes for sale

Currently there is just over 100 homes for sale in Montgomery via the Cincinnati MLS and some wonderful choices too.

Before I point out some choice subdivisions, you

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Building Wealth Through Real Estate

Just about everyone knows that building wealth through real estate is a common strategy for "getting ahead" and positioning for retirement or building an income stream and home owners enjoy much greater net worth on average compared to renters.

But what about the average person, the first time homeowner? Look at this way, real estate is an asset and the more equity you gain the more valuable your asset.

building wealth through real estate

Homeowners enjoy on average up to 34 times more net worth than renters and according to the Federal Reserve Survey of Consumer Finances, among the many benefits of home-ownership is financial.

Looking back is sometimes looking ahead, and for those millennial buyers out there, you should know that even

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Costs of Buying a Home - Now and Later

Hello reader peeps, looking like a beautiful week for showing homes here in SW Ohio and back to yak about the costs of buying a home - the upfront expenses and what you need to consider down the road.

It can be a difficult question, "How much money do I need to buy a house?" as everyone's situation is different, and the before and after expenses vary with the type, size and even location of the property, however, I think this guide will help you make more accurate assessments. 

buying a home

How Much do I Need to Buy a Home?

By the way, some real estate agents will push you to max out your financial purchasing power for bigger commissions. My business partner, Marty Snyder and I, want to see you in a home that is

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Cautions About Real Estate Disclaimers

Hello, back again this time to talk about real estate disclaimers and what it means for home buyers, sellers and agents new to the industry.

When I see or hear about a real estate disclaimer, the first thing that pops into my mind is “caution” and for good reason. 

real estate disclaimers

In a world full of disclaimers and fine print, real estate disclaimers are used for a reason but no guarantee of legal protection.

As a seller, it’s important your agent understand usage and application of disclaimers.

Sellers and buyers realize real estate disclaimers do not relieve either party of legal liability including “as-is” properties. As-is properties could be a typical distressed foreclosure, luxury home or anything in

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4 Newlywed Home Buying Tips

Congratulations on your marriage, or decision to marry and now you’re possibly considering looking for a place and wanting some home buying tips as you embark on your new life together.

Just as marriage’s first time experience, house hunting from start to finish can be a balance of what works and what doesn’t just like your relationship and I’ve put together some home buying tips specifically for those that have just tied the knot. 

home buying tips

Examine the four tips below, and keep in mind that newlyweds are well-served by embracing caution and mutual agreement as the your first home is major shared expense.

1. List Your Priorities – In addition to looking into your credit and financial picture to ensure capability, getting

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