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11 Tips to Prevent Real Estate Closing Delays

If you’re thinking of buying a home, selling a home or perhaps already in the process, one of the most painful things a first time buyer, or any home buyer, can face is a delayed real estate closing which can cause a great deal of upset.

Bookmark this page! If you are selling a home, these tips will serve you well as they would a home buyer. 

real estate closing

Buying a home in SW Ohio?

Just because you have a closing date, or just going with what generally accepted time frames are is no guarantee that your real estate closing will happen in a timely manner.

There are many reasons a real estate closing can be delayed, some of it falling on the seller’s shoulders, some on the agents involved and some delays are

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Top 5 Exterior Fall DIY Home Improvements

As an active Realtor for years buying and selling real estate across southwest Ohio, and a long-time homeowner, I can tell you that Spring and Summer aren’t the only seasons to spruce up your residence and do some home improvements. 

diy home improvement

Today I’d like to blog about some exterior home improvements perfect for the Fall season. Good grief, is it fall already?

Some home improvements beautify, others increase energy efficiency while yet other projects and upgrades protect the home. Each is important to preserve your house value.

Fall is the perfect time to accomplish the following exterior home improvements, cool enough to work outside and when it comes to plants and trees it’s the perfect time to start

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Greg's 7 Positive Thinking Quotes

Hello again fans and followers, today I'm sort of taking a break from talking about real estate, and wanted to share some positive thinking evolved from my own life experiences. It's served me well in my home and private life, and also in my real estate business. 

positive living quotes

I was moved to post this as many of our clients have expressed the woes of life, difficulty not just with a home purchase, though we saw them through, but we end up yakking and are often confided in. It's a funny, but sometimes tragically true saying "Realtors double as therapists".

When you're done reading, I'd really appreciate you're touring some of our real estate blog's other posts or consider sharing this article if you like it.

7 Positive

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3 Great Realtor Tips - The Art of Answering Precisely

Just wanted to share some Realtor tips for my colleagues out there, and to let buyers and seller in our market know how important timely and accurate answers are.

Have you ever called a customer service center and heard the words "unfortunately", "I don't know" or worse yet, received incomplete or even erroneous information? 

realtor tips answering precisely

Maddening, isn't it?

In order to put the best foot forward, make the connection and quickly forge a working relationship, real estate agents need to also be responsive which brings me to the first tip I'd like to offer you.

1. No one likes to wait for answers whether it's "I'll get back to you" or being put on hold even if only for a few minutes. Your time is

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Greater Cincinnati Area Homes for Lease and Sale

Whether you need a place to lease or investigating the homes for sale, Cincinnati Ohio offers, there are a lot of great southwestern Ohio communities to choose from. 

I put together this little mini-guide on some of the most popular communities and what's available for lease or sale in these markets. Explore the possibilities and listings below.

If you would like some help with buying a home, my business partner Marty Snyder and I buy and sell dozens of homes every year and can save you thousands on a purchase.

cincinnati ohio homes for sale or lease

See our verified testimonials and reviews.

Too, we invite you to explore our blog, thousands of readers visit daily to learn about home buying, financing, mistakes to avoid, how to

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Listing agent vs Buyer's agent; Dual agents - Roles in Real Estate

If you're buying a home, you might be tempted to call the number on the sign in the yard, but you should stop and think before you dial.

Who you call for assistance with buying a home can either cost or save you a lot of money, and potentially time and grief down the road as well. 

roles in real estate

In a on going effort to educate home buyers new to the experience, there is a simple thing you really need to get in your head before you start house hunting and that's understanding agency.

It's really quite simple:

The listing agent is (hopefully) a very skilled and voracious marketer that has promised the seller to net as much as possible from the sale of the home. A buyer's agent is like

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5 DIY Cheap Home Improvements

Preparing to sell, just bought or a long time homeowner, here are five outstanding ideas for dolling up your residential property that are budget friendly with terrific results and easily accomplished.

If you're like me, you home is something between your castle and your sanctuary, and I spend a lot of time talking with current and past clients and often receive pictures or visit and see the upgrades and projects and would like to share some of the simple ideas that people have shared with me.

cheap home improvements

If you are preparing to sell your home, you can't go wrong with these simple home improvement and home decor ideas that will present a much more appealing home for buyers and it doesn't have to break the bank.

1 - Fresh

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3 Ways to Commit Listing Suicide - How to Sell Your Home

If you're thinking about listing your property and learning more about how to sell your home, I have "reverse-engineered" tips for you, and some short stores to share. Also included are some great articles from top Realtors around the country and abroad.

Are you familiar with how comps or CMA reports (comparative market analysis) are conducted? Sometimes this is also referred to as "highest price analysis". 

how to sell your home

This is how good real estate agents determine a price range, not a single price, with a low, medium and highest price and provides the planning framework based on your time frame to sell.

There are many things that factor into the successful and satisfactory sale of a home, and a

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3 Social Media Questions to Ask a Realtor

Having built and coached two E-agent teams at two different brokerages and generating business for myself and business partner Marty Snyder, I can tell buyers and sellers a thing or two about shopping for a good real estate agent near you.

questions to ask a realtor

Why is social media so important for agents? Well, honestly I can tell that most real estate agents are terrible at social media, growing local audiences in different mediums and have no understanding of how it all works together, but how does that benefit a buyer or seller?

According to the National Association of Realtors statistics, some 91% of real estate agents use social media to some degree and 90% of buyers find their agent and their home on social media.

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Recycling Tips for Recycling at Home

I usually blog about real estate – buying, selling and sometimes investing, but I also like to talk about things for the home.

Just back from a recent short vacation in beautiful Gatlinburg, Tennessee where I rented a cabin to “unplug” for a spell, I was disconcerted by the amount of garbage I saw people generating.

recycle tips

I get hot under the collar when I see people throwing garbage out their car windows, whether it’s recyclable or not, but geez – are you that stupid and uncaring?

I post about “green homes”, eco-friendly and renewable or sustainable construction materials, and was moved to talk a bit about recycling in the home. It’s so much easier than you think.

Did you know, that for many, recycling has

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