6 fall home improvements

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Top 5 Exterior Fall DIY Home Improvements

As an active Realtor for years buying and selling real estate across southwest Ohio, and a long-time homeowner, I can tell you that Spring and Summer aren’t the only seasons to spruce up your residence and do some home improvements. 

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Today I’d like to blog about some exterior home improvements perfect for the Fall season. Good grief, is it fall already?

Some home improvements beautify, others increase energy efficiency while yet other projects and upgrades protect the home. Each is important to preserve your house value.

Fall is the perfect time to accomplish the following exterior home improvements, cool enough to work outside and when it comes to plants and trees it’s the perfect time to start work.

Fall DIY Home Improvements

1 - Prune Your Trees, Shrubs and Bushes - With the arrival of fall, you’ll be better able to see and access rotten sections, dead branches and spot damage from insects. If you see these around your house you’re at risk of damage to the home from heavy snow and ice build-up. You don’t want a heavy, dead or odd branch threatening to take out a power line, cable or section of your roof and gutters.

I recommend doing the trees, shrubs and bushes first as it will make the rest of your outside maintenance a lot easier.

Personally, I don’t like ladders, and highly recommend using a long handle tree pruner or hire a professional to do it for you. Though simple DIY home improvements, I just like to warn home owners to be cautious and consider a professional for some things.

As you prune bushes and shrubbery around the property, look for any signs of damage to the home and take steps to correct / prevent further damage.

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2 -Gutter Inspection and Protection - Again, I’m not fond of ladders and recommend a professional, but one big item for Fall maintenance and exterior home improvement after the main leaf-drop should include a thorough inspection and cleaning of your home’s gutter system. Clogged with leaves, snow and ice buildup can seriously damage your gutter system and cause expensive damage to your home.

Taking care of your gutters now not only protects your home’s exterior but also allows you to enjoy the rest of fall and winter clog and headache free.

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3 - Roof Inspection - Once the end-of-summer storms have subsided, while you're in the process of inspecting and cleaning gutters, it's a great time to eyeball that roof, replace missing shingles and ensure that the roof is in good shape. Again, for this I would recommend a professional if there is any doubt or if you aren't comfortable with climbing a ladder.

4 -Winterize The Lawn - Before you proceed with lawn winterizing, it’s most helpful to identify what type of grass your lawn is. Cool season varieties are best fertilized in the Fall season. You can snap a pic of your lawn, take to your local home improvement center and let someone in lawn and garden help you identify the grass and get recommendations on which fertilizer to use and when. It’s best to time fertilizing the before a rainy day, helping the fertilizer soak into the soil.

Most grass prepares for winter in the fall by storing rich nutrients in the root system. Properly winterizing your lawn now will yield luscious green grass in the following spring.

5 - Inspect and Fix Driveway and Sidewalk Cracks - Water is the one element that expands when it freezes, and the freezing and thawing of changing seasons wears and tears on your driveway and sidewalks. If they already have cracks, the damage compounds even faster, creating yet more damage and higher repair costs the following spring.

Take some preventative steps now, cement filler is affordable and a great DIY solution to most driveway and sidewalk fixes. Taking it up a notch, sealing sidewalks and driveways is great for reducing damage from water and freezing, but best done on that one warmer weekend we sometimes get in the early-to-middle of Fall.

6 - Inspect Outside Water Supply and Turn Off - Check your home’s outside water supply, look for leaks and problems, replace or fix anything damaged or leaking. You may still have some Fall foliage that needs watering, or lawns to soak after adding some fertilizer but don’t forget to turn the water supplies off when temperatures start approaching freezing. Don’t forget or you may end up with costly damage to your outdoor water systems.

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