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What if my House Doesn't Appraise?

Hello, been a while since I've posted anything, but a situation came up where the common question "what if my house doesn't appraise high enough?" came up for both the seller and the buyer.

Dang it - the real estate appraisal was shy of where all parties needed it to be to move forward with purchase and sale. What can be done about it?

what if my house doesn't appraise

Now, my business partner, Marty Snyder, the top Ohio Realtor in our area is marvelous at challenging appraisals. He runs proper comps and his fastidious but friendly nature and appraisal challenge strategy usually wins appraisers over. Nearly 100% successful, this instance was not. As it turns out, the situation was one we've come across for the very first time.

Here's a

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Making Real Estate Offers Explained

Hello readers and followers, back today to talk about what goes into making real estate offers but simplified and thought I'd throw in some other tips and links for home buyers to check out.

Think of making a real estate offer like a relationship. The first step is getting ready to propose and then the proposal itself and hope your offer is accepted.

real estate offers

On that note, getting ready for the proposal requires some due diligence. Here are some handy articles all home buyers should read before making real estate offers:

fico score vs credit score debt-to-income-ratio, the magic number

For making real estate offers, Realtors use a variety of similar forms and they vary from MLS territory to MLS territory and

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11 Tips to Prevent Real Estate Closing Delays

If you’re thinking of buying a home, selling a home or perhaps already in the process, one of the most painful things a first time buyer, or any home buyer, can face is a delayed real estate closing which can cause a great deal of upset.

Bookmark this page! If you are selling a home, these tips will serve you well as they would a home buyer. 

real estate closing

Buying a home in SW Ohio?

Just because you have a closing date, or just going with what generally accepted time frames are is no guarantee that your real estate closing will happen in a timely manner.

There are many reasons a real estate closing can be delayed, some of it falling on the seller’s shoulders, some on the agents involved and some delays are

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Greg's Picks, 30 Real Estate Blog Articles, August 2016

Back again to post my top picks and awesome sauce of real estate blog posts and articles for the month of August 2016

Why these articles? As active Realtors, my business partner Marty Snyder and I hate hearing about someone's bad experience with other real estate agents and love it when we get our chance to work with these clients and show them what a good experience can be.

real estate blog august 2016

On that note, not only do Marty and I blog about real estate, posting helpful articles packed with time and money saving tips for buyers, sellers and homeowners but also connect with great, experienced real estate agents around the U.S and abroad through social media.

I choose a selection of articles each month

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6 Final Real Estate Questions to Ask Sellers

One day, congratulations will be in order for getting an accepted contract, but once you're moving towards a successful closing there are some important final questions to ask the seller that will help ensure a smoother transition to becoming the property's new owner.

You can use this article to generate your own personal checklist and space for answers and notes.

real estate questions to ask

1 - Do you have the warranties and instruction manuals? Very important to obtain any existing warranties, which should be used before using your home warranty protection and coverage. Also very handy are any instruction manuals for appliances, furnace, hot water heather, air conditioner, electrical, security, watering or other systems.

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Greg's Picks,30 Real Estate Blog Articles, July 2016

Back again to post my top picks and awesome sauce of real estate blog posts and articles for the month of July 2016.

real estate blog

Why these articles?

I choose the articles based on questions buyer and seller clients ask Marty and I for the value these articles hold for buyers, sellers and homeowners.

Articles and posts are from notable real estate agents and also real estate industry related companies like mortgage, title or home improvement professionals.

Learning is always a good thing - buying, selling or a homeowner you can save money and time, protect your investment and improve the quality of your experience and living..

Comment freely; you won't end up on any email list. Links to your

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Are You Really Prepared for the Cost of Buying a Home?

In a fast moving and ever-changing real estate market, buyers wrestle with wanting to make a home purchase happen but have you asked if yourself if you are really prepared for the cost of buying a home?

I’d hate to see you fail, I really would.

the cost of buying a home

It happens; you find a house that meets all or most all your requirements and you’ve actually spoken to a lender and a pre-approved for a home loan, let’s say $250,000 and the listing is also $250,000.

Let’s also say, hypothetically, you get an accepted offer at $240,000 and you jump for joy – but then one by one, expenses start to pop up and you begin to worry if the cost of buying a home is going to be too great.

Planning now, and more

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How and Why to Conduct a Final Walk-Through

You’ve probably read real estate blog articles to never skip home inspections, even on a newer home and in the same prudent practice, one should never skip conducting a final walk-through and in your best interest.

Once you’re handed the keys at closing, it’s your home or your headache.

home buying tips final walk through

A final step before a transaction is officially sealed, a final walk through is arranged by your Realtor and can be scheduled any time within a week of closing, best practice is the day before or better yet the morning before closing.

If the home was previously staged, first time buyers should prepare for the “unstaged” look as the furnishings and décor may have been removed by the time your final walk through is

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Understanding Real Estate Escrow

New to the market, some home buyers are confused and asking for a real estate escrow definition. Granted, the sheer multitude of steps with related terminology involved in home buying can be daunting, but as local real estate experts, my business partner Marty Snyder and I hare happy to explain real estate escrow.

 real estate escrow definition

Before I go into real estate escrow, just note; visit some of the other real estate blog categories at your right to learn more about buying or selling a home.

Real Estate Escrow: Definition

Another name for a real estate escrow account is an “impound account”. This account is set up by your mortgage lender for the sole purpose of paying property-related expenses on your behalf and includes

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How to Buy a Home - 7 Epic Home Buyer Failures

Together with my business partner Marty Snyder, one of Ohio's top Realtors, we've seen a lot over the many years helping hundreds of buyers and have compiled a list of seven of the most epic mistakes made in home buying, hoping you might avoid these disastrous outcomes. 

how to buy a home

Out the gate, I can tell you that half of the battles lost are due to ill preparation.

1 - Credit Conundrums - A major first step, and possible a scary one for some is making sure your credit picture is in good health. Over 80% of credit reports contain errors, and all a clerk has to do is misspell your name or address and poof - you have an alias which hurts your score. Paying on time and knowing how to manipulate credit as with

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