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Welcome the Complete Southwestern Ohio real estate blog and the best places to live in Ohio and best places to live in Cincinnati. Though our real estate blog is young, we periodically post more about some of the best communities southwest and southern Ohio real estate has to offer. If you're interested in homes for sale in Cincinnati and southwest Ohio, visit our Hot Community pages or use our property search for homes for sale or lease, condos, land and real estate investment properties.

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Mason, Ohio Home Loan Applicants May See Credit Boost

For a few Mason mortgage applicants, next week may see a one-time favorable change in how they are viewed by home loan lending institutions. It’s a technical change that could amount to a significant difference in the results they get when they apply for Mason home loans.

mason ohio homes credit score boost

 See all current Mason, Ohio homes for sale

The first evidence of what the Washington Post calls “a surprise boost” will be triggered on Saturday, which marks the July 1 beginning of a changeover in the information gathered by the three national credit bureaus. Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion have been working with a number of states to handle an awkward technical problem: many states have outmoded computer reporting

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Cincinnati Patriots Celebrate Telling the King, “You’re Fired!”

This year we’re fortunate indeed: the calendar has cooperated with the spirit of the occasion to give Independence Day its proper import. With Cincinnati’s Fourth of July festivities falling on a Tuesday, we avoid the vexing problem that crops up every time July 4 falls on a weekend. Since nobody wants the extra day of picnicking and parading to be confused with the ho-hum regular weekend days off, the powers that be have to arbitrarily reassign July 4 observances to the following Monday (or previous Friday, if the Fourth hits on a Saturday).

cincinnati real estate independence day

This year, with the Fourth happening on the 4th, all is well. For convenience’s sake, most everybody opts for a four-day long Fourth—so Monday

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Renting vs Buying a Home - 5 Things to Remember

You’ve finally reached a point in your life where you plan to be in the same place for longer than a 12-month lease and pondering renting vs buying a home. Instead of making rental payments on a monthly basis, you want to earn equity as you go and eventually end up with a permanent roof over your head. (We at ‚ÄčABODO‚Äč will miss you, but we understand.)

renting vs buying a home

But rent doesn’t translate into mortgage on a simple 1:1 ratio — a lot more goes into the transition than you might think, from the upfront costs involved to what happens if your dishwasher malfunctions and spews food-­flavored water all over your floor. As you prepare to pick up the torch of home ownership, keep these five things in mind, and you’ll

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Best Neighborhoods in Cincinnati (or anywhere) - 6 Tips

So you’re on the home ­buying market. Congratulations! You’re probably already overwhelmed by decisions: colonial or ranch ­style? Stucco or stone? One­ or two-­story? Carpet or parquet flooring?

best neighborhoods in cincinnati

And that’s not even including one of the most important factors in any new home ­purchase:

location, location, location. It might not be everything, but it’s almost everything. It will determine your commute, change your social life, shape your children’s education, and affect a host of other aspects in your life.

Depending on your city, you probably have your own dream neighborhoods and avoidable boroughs. But in case you don’t — or if you want a bit more guidance as you do research — we at

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Homes for Sale in the Bridle Creek Neighborhood; Monroe, OH

Bridle Creek is a beautiful neighborhood of single family homes that is conveniently located less than 1.2 miles from I-75. It's not uncommon to see neighborhood kids playing the streets of this quaint little oasis in the suburbs during the summer and sledding down snow covered streets in the winter. It's far enough from the main hustle and bustle of the city that residents don't feel like the center of Monroe is knocking on their door.

Homes for Sale Bridle Creek Monroe Oh

Looking for a home in Bridle Creek? Interested in finding homes for sale in the Bridle Creek Neighborhood of Monroe OH? Click the link to find all the currently available homes in this area of Monroe.

What's the Neighborhood Like?

The homes you

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Greater Cincinnati Area Homes for Lease and Sale

Whether you need a place to lease or investigating the homes for sale, Cincinnati Ohio offers, there are a lot of great southwestern Ohio communities to choose from. 

I put together this little mini-guide on some of the most popular communities and what's available for lease or sale in these markets. Explore the possibilities and listings below.

If you would like some help with buying a home, my business partner Marty Snyder and I buy and sell dozens of homes every year and can save you thousands on a purchase.

cincinnati ohio homes for sale or lease

See our verified testimonials and reviews.

Too, we invite you to explore our blog, thousands of readers visit daily to learn about home buying, financing, mistakes to avoid, how to

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Cincinnati Housing for Rent or Sale in Real Time

Interested in renting, leasing or buying a home in the Greater Cincinnati area or southwest Ohio? If so, we’ve got you covered.

For the best experience, please read this short post in its entirety.

cincinnati housing for rent

We’d just like to point out our site is powered by the Cincinnati MLS and properties are updated every few minutes and include both buying and leasing opportunities.

Here are two great ways to go about your search for the perfect residence on our site, the two most popular ways are searching via our popular communities and hot market pages or, if you don’t see your preferred community, using the easy custom property search.

Popular Cincinnati Housing for Rent or Sale: Communities:

The table

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Montgomery Ohio Home for Sale - Hot Locations

Hope you all had a great Wednesday, :) Marty and I have been very busy helping buyers and marketing listings but I wanted to drop a line about Montgomery, Ohio homes for sale, the hot locations and popular neighborhoods.

Competitive, yes, but not as much as some other popular communities, but still competitive, real estate in Montgomery Ohio is percolating with seller's still having the upper hand. Notably, if you're in the market looking at homes in Montgomery, I can safely tell you they are selling within 3-4% of asking price.

montgomery ohio homes for sale

Currently there is just over 100 homes for sale in Montgomery via the Cincinnati MLS and some wonderful choices too.

Before I point out some choice subdivisions, you

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West Chester Ohio Homes for Sale

Hello again, back again this time to talk about West Chester Ohio homes for sale and some of the hottest, most popular subdivisions, neighborhoods and areas for house hunters.

Before I go into the hot locations for real estate in West Chester, for those that are familiar with this dynamic Cincinnati suburb here's a bit of info the help you out.

west chester ohio homes for sale

Technically, it's Olde West Chester or West Chester Township but everyone simply calls it West Chester. The community has a population of about 61,000 and growing. Regarding homes for sale in West Chester Ohio, it is perhaps best known for its affordable custom stone homes.

A community also known for great schools and city services, there's no shortage of activities

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Fairfield OH Real Estate's Popular Locations

One of my favorite Cincinnati real estate markets, the homes for sale Fairifield Ohio offers present abundant options and currently around 150 residential properties available. 

Living in Fairfield places buyers close to transportation ways into Cincinnati on up to West Chester and Monroe for some awesome shopping and entertainment and locally you have Jungle Jim's International market: perfect if you're a foodie like me. 

fairfield ohio real estate

Many of the homes for sale in Fairfield have outstanding custom kitchen designs and my favorite room in any house. If you're looking to buy a home in Fairfield, I'd like to share a few of the popular locations and what you can expect to find.

Some of the more sought after

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