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In this category of our Complete Southern Ohio Real Estate Blog we post information about how to make an offer on a home, but also how to get your offer accepted and what it takes to be fully prepared to make an offer on a home. If you're in the market, take a moment and see our reviews - we save you thousands, time and headaches. Explore Cincinnati area Hot Communities and listings or use our easy property search to find your dream home.

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Why Getting Pre-Approved is so Important

the best home loan for me, home loansEver have somebody waste your time, even if unintentionally? Nobody likes that right?

Especially after you invest a lot of time and energy with that person.

Unlike window-shopping, buying a home is a whole other ballgame. It's one thing to browse homes online, but everything changes when you start inquiring or requesting showings.

Trust me, no real estate agent wants to show homes to a potential client that hasn't at least spoken with licensed mortgage lender.

Our Precious Time and Yours

We, as Realtors, make room in our schedules, have to call and get access to the properties which can entail multiple call and / or emails and then there's gas and driving time.

Good Realtors will also spend

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Low Ball Offers - How Low Can I Go?

Everyone wants a deal, or better yet a steal and why many first time home buyers will make low ball offers.

That's not necessarily a bad thing, but just how low is low enough to get the seller's attention and at least a counter vs having an offer laughed right off the table before it's even seen?

acceptable low ball offers

Well, the amount of a low ball offer would depend on certain elements and factors and also the fact that local real estate markets can be a strange phenomenon.

3 Tips - Don't Get Laughed Off the Table

Absolutely, you're going to want to consult with your Realtor, but having the following questions prepared can help you maximize your chances at getting a decent discount.

1. What are comparable homes selling

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Low Ball Offers - Roasting Tips

Joe buyer is chomping at the bit to buy a home and land a deal. He's watched 1,000 hours of HGTV, and confident he's the man with the plan. 

low ball offers

Joe Buyer got pr-eapproved for $300,000 yes-sir-eee, and gonna show his wife how it's done, impress her good.

"Okie Dokie Joe, I sent you some homes so let me know which ones you'd like to see."

"All of them" he says. "But there's another one for $350,000 I seen, I'd like to take a look-see at it."

"Isn't that a bit out of your price range?" I ask ...

"Well, we could offer $290,000 for it and see if they'll go for it!" Joe Buyer insists.

I had explained to Joe how to get a better deal on a home; what a reasonable low ball offer was, more money down, don't ask

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Spring Real Estate Market - Buyer Tips

Well, today marks the first day of spring and home buyers begin coming out the woodwork and real estate markets around the U.S and globe begin to get competitive for buyers and busy for agents.

I've compiled a short list of home buying tips for the spring season, some you may not have thought of. 

spring real estate market

Before you dive into the tips below, understand, spring is the most competitive time when it comes to home-buying and every year my business partner Marty Snyder and I help buyers save substantially, but there are always a few clients that feel no small degree of disappointment for not getting that one particular "perfect house" they wanted.

Feel free to bookmark this page or share it, and keep these home

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How Much House Can I Afford - Better Deals

If you've never bought a home before, it's wise to carefully review the financial picture, work on necessary items such as credit or paying down debt.

I'll be posting next week more about the initial expenses of buying home, but here let's stick to monthly mortgage payments. Did you know most bankruptcies in America are filed over a $300 dollar a month negative cash flow?

Here you can learn what's comfortably affordable for you.

 how much home can i afford

How Much Home Can I Afford?

The Double Punch!

There are two considerations among others that top my personal list of buying a home wisely and safely. The first is being well-qualified as opposed to barely qualified, which may sound disheartening to some, but there's

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How to Make an Offer on a Home; Getting Accepted

Frustrated by getting beat out on your offers on real estate, wondering how to go about getting your offer accepted?

I hope you've never experienced that kind of frustration, but whether you have or not, I'd like to spare you that grief going forward. There are several sound tactics that home buyers can use to make the most attractive and compelling offer, and that doesn't necessarily mean offering more than other buyers. 

how to make an offer on a home

What most first time buyers have no experience with is how to make a powerful offer out the gate or the most attractive offer for sellers to select from in the case of multiple offers.

First, you need to find and choose a great Realtor. Secondly, it will help you to learn

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Buying a Home – Beating the Competition

In most markets, home buyers often find themselves in competition for the home they want, or to find a home at an attractive price in their target area.

In the case of multiple offers, the anxiety and stress sets in, the waiting and if unsuccessful the process begins all over again. Or a buyer finds a home they like and inquire about it only to find it just went pending. Want to beat the competition?

first time home buying

Victory Loves Preparation”

– a quote from the movie, The Mechanic (great film for action goers and Jason Stathom fans).

There are some things home buyers just don't realize when they start out, and I'd like to see you succeed. You'll find (hopefully not in retrospect) the last tip is the most

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