cheap home improvements

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5 DIY Cheap Home Improvements

Preparing to sell, just bought or a long time homeowner, here are five outstanding ideas for dolling up your residential property that are budget friendly with terrific results and easily accomplished.

If you're like me, you home is something between your castle and your sanctuary, and I spend a lot of time talking with current and past clients and often receive pictures or visit and see the upgrades and projects and would like to share some of the simple ideas that people have shared with me.

cheap home improvements

If you are preparing to sell your home, you can't go wrong with these simple home improvement and home decor ideas that will present a much more appealing home for buyers and it doesn't have to break the bank.

1 - Fresh Paint. One of the simplest, cheap home improvements, paint has long been the budget decorator and designer's best friend. A fresh coat of paint and some color brings fresh life and mood to any room whether entire walls, pops of color on trim or wooden furniture, backdrops in built-in's, doors or window frames. To help you on your way to choose a color palette for a room, check out this article from HGTV - 15 Designer Tricks for Picking the Perfect Color Palette.

I personally prefer never having all four walls in the same room the same color, give one or two walls some contrasting but pleasing color.

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2 - Drapes and Window Treatments. Now, this could be expensive, but it doesn't have to be. After considering your current colors or new paint palette choices, choose curtains with some pop and color, but not heavy and dark. Rooms are warmer and more attractive with more light. Think of drapes and curtains as a happy frame for your window and created a "picture".

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3. - Lighting Up With Style. Light fixtures can be expensive, but simple is often more elegant and easy on the eyes. Whether a new main fixture for a room or sassy lamp with a brightly colored lampshade, you can give a drab, boring room some extra but not overpowering flair for immediate improvement and mood. One of the rooms most commonly needing an upgrade to lighting is the bathroom. Lighting is especially important if you're preparing to sell.

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4 - Switch Out the Hardware. Take a look at the hardware like knobs and handles especially around the kitchen. Replacing dated hardware with simple but attractive new hardware can really give your place some fresh accent.

5 - Add or Create Door Shelves. Creating and adding a shelf above some of the doors in your home creates a bit more storage but also can create an elegant, warm tough with a place for books, vases, photos or other lovelies that can add some color and texture to a room and inexpensive to execute.


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