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These are my personal picks of real estate blogs and articles from around the U.S. and abroad from various real estate industry related professionals and some of my own or my business partner's. I also post a monthly compilation of articles from various real estate blogs for buyers, sellers and homeowners. Enjoy these collections and articles that can save you time, money or even grief when it comes to buying or selling property. Buying or selling in Ohio? Check out our awesome reviews!

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Does Adding an In-Law Suite Improve my House Value?

In a world of younger homeowners with aging and elderly parents or relatives, the addition of in-law suites are starting to become more popular, but does adding an in-law suite to your home improve your house value?

does adding an in-law suite improve my house value

The answer is yes, but only if you add an in-law suite correctly and by that I mean legally. Baby boomers are retiring and living independently or pursuing assisted living can be very cost prohibitive driving more families to once again live together.

Aging parents and the beauty of the duplex

That's great, but some homeowners will attempt to save money by skipping permits and the subsequent inspections, but when it comes to adding an in-law suite (or any other home

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Twitter Mistakes Real Estate Agents Make,

And the same mistakes on other social media platforms. I confess, a long time ago I got frustrated with Twitter and fell prey common Twitter mistakes people make. Eh, I figured, I'm used to blogging, writing real estate content, using other platforms like Facebook, etc. But Kablooey - I made shredded tweet out of my Twitter for the longest time.

grow twitter audience fast

It's not just about quality content. Truly, many real estate agents are either not-knowing or even arrogant enough to not like, comment, re-tweet or have anything to do with another Realtor's posts. Heck, many of them don't even share mortgage industry material.

This is the fatal mistake across all social media. I mean, if you had a few hundred thousand

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Chasing real estate commission checks vs making lifetime clients

In my opinion, what follows below is the single best advice for new real estate agents or those thinking of a license that would to see regular real estate commission checks and build their real estate business correctly.

real estate commissions

If you want to build a business, treat your clients like we do and be a first class, five star Realtor.

Marty, my business partner, and I have run a successful real estate business for many years in SW Ohio and the Greater Cincinnati area with bragging rights.

There’s a good reason why Cincinnati area home sellers and buyers in Southwest Ohio and Cincinnati choose to work with us. See our reviews.

That being said, I would like to share some personal

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Debt to Income Ratio - The 43% Target

Before a first time buyer, or any home buyer sets out to start viewing properties, getting pre-approved is one of the crucial first steps, but examining your debt-to-income ratio is best done before applying for a home loan.

Why is the debt-to-income ratio of 43% such an important percentage and factor?

debt to income ratios qualified mortgage

This ratio speaks to a home buyer’s financial capacity not so much in terms of buying a home but capacity to faithfully pay on the mortgage and not go into default – as much a concern for the lender as it should be for the home buyer.

For purposes of getting pre-approved for a mortgage, your debt-to-income ratio is calculated simply by adding up all your monthly debt payments and then divide the total

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The Gross Truth About Easements in Gross

As an active Realtor in Southwest Ohio, I come across situations involving easements in gross and other types of easements that can sometimes negatively impact a real estate transaction and also stories from new clients about easements causing issues in their past.

easements in gross

My business partner, Greg Hancock, and I are always seeking to educate buyers and sellers; easements in gross or easements period should always be looked for, evaluated and discussed.

Not doing so is like building without a permit and can come back and "bite you" down the road. I even have a personal story and example for you of how this can happen.

Easements can be defined or classified as easements in gross or easements appurtenant.

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11 Tips to Prevent Real Estate Closing Delays

If you’re thinking of buying a home, selling a home or perhaps already in the process, one of the most painful things a first time buyer, or any home buyer, can face is a delayed real estate closing which can cause a great deal of upset.

Bookmark this page! If you are selling a home, these tips will serve you well as they would a home buyer. 

real estate closing

Buying a home in SW Ohio?

Just because you have a closing date, or just going with what generally accepted time frames are is no guarantee that your real estate closing will happen in a timely manner.

There are many reasons a real estate closing can be delayed, some of it falling on the seller’s shoulders, some on the agents involved and some delays are

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Greg's Picks, 30 Real Estate Blog Articles, August 2016

Back again to post my top picks and awesome sauce of real estate blog posts and articles for the month of August 2016

Why these articles? As active Realtors, my business partner Marty Snyder and I hate hearing about someone's bad experience with other real estate agents and love it when we get our chance to work with these clients and show them what a good experience can be.

real estate blog august 2016

On that note, not only do Marty and I blog about real estate, posting helpful articles packed with time and money saving tips for buyers, sellers and homeowners but also connect with great, experienced real estate agents around the U.S and abroad through social media.

I choose a selection of articles each month

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Greg's 7 Positive Thinking Quotes

Hello again fans and followers, today I'm sort of taking a break from talking about real estate, and wanted to share some positive thinking evolved from my own life experiences. It's served me well in my home and private life, and also in my real estate business. 

positive living quotes

I was moved to post this as many of our clients have expressed the woes of life, difficulty not just with a home purchase, though we saw them through, but we end up yakking and are often confided in. It's a funny, but sometimes tragically true saying "Realtors double as therapists".

When you're done reading, I'd really appreciate you're touring some of our real estate blog's other posts or consider sharing this article if you like it.

7 Positive

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Recycling Tips for Recycling at Home

I usually blog about real estate – buying, selling and sometimes investing, but I also like to talk about things for the home.

Just back from a recent short vacation in beautiful Gatlinburg, Tennessee where I rented a cabin to “unplug” for a spell, I was disconcerted by the amount of garbage I saw people generating.

recycle tips

I get hot under the collar when I see people throwing garbage out their car windows, whether it’s recyclable or not, but geez – are you that stupid and uncaring?

I post about “green homes”, eco-friendly and renewable or sustainable construction materials, and was moved to talk a bit about recycling in the home. It’s so much easier than you think.

Did you know, that for many, recycling has

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Greg's Picks,30 Real Estate Blog Articles, July 2016

Back again to post my top picks and awesome sauce of real estate blog posts and articles for the month of July 2016.

real estate blog

Why these articles?

I choose the articles based on questions buyer and seller clients ask Marty and I for the value these articles hold for buyers, sellers and homeowners.

Articles and posts are from notable real estate agents and also real estate industry related companies like mortgage, title or home improvement professionals.

Learning is always a good thing - buying, selling or a homeowner you can save money and time, protect your investment and improve the quality of your experience and living..

Comment freely; you won't end up on any email list. Links to your

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