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The Frank-Dodd Act – Mortgage Lending Today

In 2010, a horrifying year for the economy and real estate market President Obama implemented the Frank-Dodd act. An action brought on to combat and end predatory lending like negative-amortization mortgages, sub-prime loans and giving loans to buyers that weren’t fiscally fit for the size of mortgages issues.

It was a terrible time back then, in the beginning unknowing consumers who were perhaps not the best money managers were ecstatic to be given a loan for a home, only to lose it later to foreclosure over cash flow issues, job cut backs and a geriatric economy. This in turn only further damaged people’s credit.

frank dodd act how hard is it to get a mortgage

In the end, nearly 8 million U.S homes fell into foreclosure, home builders saw their

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Proposed Save Act to Reduce Mortgage Defaults

Many first time buyers including the millennial crowd show increasing concern about energy conservation and environmental impact and matched by their desire to save financially.

With over 100 million homes in the U.S accounting for a fifth of our nation’s energy consumption, they are also responsible for almost 25 percent of our country’s greenhouse gas emissions.

the save act

A growing trend with no sign of slowing, energy efficient smart homes reduce utility costs while buffering homeowners against rising energy costs.

Similarities to “Know Before You Owe”.

In fact, a joint study by IMT, Core Logic and University of North Carolina showed that energy-efficient homeowners were 32 percent less likely to

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Real Estate Trends: Move-in-Condition

real estate trends, move in conditionLook around the internet at big profile real estate authority sites at trends and you'll soon discover that millennials desire move-in-condition properties.

A primary concern of younger buyers, which we're seeing a lot more of, is that properties are either new, renovated and updated and in move-in condition.

Older home sales, as-is property sales are likely to trend downward over 2016 while affordable homes ready for occupants are likely to sell much faster.

A few factors account for this. Many millennial buyers are carrying encumbering student loan debt and have extraordinarily busy lives as most young professional do. They are likely to not want to spend the time or the money to invest in fixing up a

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flood preparation, protecting your home from flood damageThe spring season is often a time when many Americans face the possibility of flooding as a result of spring storms and melting snow.

As some of you well-know, here in Ohio we can incur quite the ongoing deluge, particularly hard in areas Cincinnati and Clermont and Hamilton County, not to mention the torrents of rain that has befallen states like Texas and Missouri among others lately.

Swelling rivers, and excess rain have the potential to create unsafe conditions for your home and on the roadways, so although the weather is warming up and spirits are on the rise, it’s important to be prepared. 

Here are a few tips to keep yourself, your family, and your home safe during flood season.

Easy Tips -

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7 Must-Have Real Estate Tools & Apps 2016

real estate tools, real estate appsReal estate technology keeps gaining ground and with so many apps and tools screaming for your business how do you choose which ones to utilize?

Obviously, trying to do it all would be counter productive. Choosing tools that are comfortable for you to use, save you time, create a better quality service to offer your clients, buying or selling, is what it should be all about.

There are also a lot of tools and apps recently developed or in the works as companies move to capitalize on real agent spending.

Ask yourself; "Does it help buyers and sellers?"

So, what's worth it? Reviewing dozens of tools, I boiled it down to these must-haves.

1. An Online-Presence. You don't have to have a huge audience

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$10,000 Prize for Taxpayer Experience Overhaul?

taxpayer design contest, taxpayer system design contestTaxpayers and mortgage borrowers have something in common - If they are home owners, they are the same.

In a ground-breaking move, the IRS is launching its first crowdsourced challenge with a $10,000 prize to who can dream up the best idea to "reimagine the taxpayer experience of the future." and asking the public for help.

A bold move, guess who's putting up the prize money?

The Mortgage Banker Association.

"For the MBA, it hopes that its involvement in the crowdsourcing challenge results in an improved experience for the taxpayer, which, in turn, would help to improve the consumer experience for lending, according to Rick Hill, the MBA’s vice president of industry technology." states Ben

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Greg's Picks,15 Real Estate Blog Articles, March 2016

real estate blog, real estate blog 2016For the month of March 2016 here's my top picks for 5 articles for buyers and 5 articles for sellers and 5 home improvement or interior design articles.

Tough choices, there are many good real estate industry related authors around the internet.

Have real estate content you'd like to share? Connect with me on Google PlusTwitter and LinkedIn.

Why these articles?

I picked these articles not for the number of likes, shares, endorsements or social media popularity, but for the value these articles hold for buyers, sellers and homeowners.

Learning is always a good thing - buying, selling or a homeowner you can save money and time, protect your investment and improve the quality of your

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Ohio Real Estate Sales Climbing

ohio real estate market, ohio real estateI'm always busy as one of Ohio's top 5% of Realtors and usually somewhat busy through winter, but this year has been markedly different.

I wan't only busier than normal this last winter but happy to announce that sales across the buckeye state are energetically burgeoning. With uncertainty about the FEDs raising rates and home buying becoming increasingly competitive, now's the time to buy and save.

If You're Going to Buy - Buy This Year!

"The number of homes sold across Ohio in February rose 6.7 percent from the level posted during the month a year ago, the market’s 17th consecutive monthly year-over-year gain, according to the Ohio Association of REALTORS. 

“The activity level in February was extremely

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Rent Vs Buy Calculator 

While buying that first home is a milestone that is commonly accepted as the hallmark of adulthood, there are some situations where renting may be the better option.  Both renting and buying a home have their advantages and disadvantages, so read on for some things to think about as you begin your home search.

Link to Rent Vs Buy Home Calculator in here below. 

rent vs buy a home

Before you start figuring out whether to rent or buy, there are some things such a calculator can't tell you. A rent vs buy home calculator doesn't tell you how your credit score is positively affected by owning a home.

Did you know your auto insurance rates can go down simply for owning a home. Should you buy a home, make sure you let your auto insurance

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The Next Housing Bubble - Preparing for a Storm

Remember how awful the fallout was when the housing bubble burst and the madness ensued 2008 and took years to reformulate back to a sane, general real estate market.

It's starting to look like we could end up in the soup again due to some very unwise actions in the lending industry.

survive the next housing bubble

There are some factors that could help hedge against another disaster, and for those that appreciate foresight you may be able to do more than just weather the storm, even capitalize on it. Real estate could be said to be the backbone of the economy so let's take a look at what's gong to affect it, and who it's going to affect and how.

Buyers ♦ Sellers ♦ Agents ♦ Owners ♦ Investors

Bank of America is rolling

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