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In this category of our real estate blog we focus on home improvement Ideas, easy home improvements, DIY projects geared for the new homeowner, and buyers soon to be owners. Learn about inexpensive and easy home improvements you can do on a budget and in reasonable time. Undertaking some home improvements because you're preparing to sell a home in Southern or Southwest Ohio? Check out our marketing plan and testimonials.

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Does Adding an In-Law Suite Improve my House Value?

In a world of younger homeowners with aging and elderly parents or relatives, the addition of in-law suites are starting to become more popular, but does adding an in-law suite to your home improve your house value?

does adding an in-law suite improve my house value

The answer is yes, but only if you add an in-law suite correctly and by that I mean legally. Baby boomers are retiring and living independently or pursuing assisted living can be very cost prohibitive driving more families to once again live together.

Aging parents and the beauty of the duplex

That's great, but some homeowners will attempt to save money by skipping permits and the subsequent inspections, but when it comes to adding an in-law suite (or any other home

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Top 5 Creative Design Tips for Small Bathrooms

Do you often feel stuck in your own rest room? Does it always seem like a closet rather than your favorite place to relax and rejuvenate? Well, if in that case, surely you need a change. Now, the dilemma appears, how?

What are we here for then? We have answered all possible queries in such a way that it will not only transform your small spaced bathrooms, however, will leave you with something bigger than that – Happiness, Spacious aura and unbeatable excitement. The top five expertise design tips for renewing your small bathrooms into magical places are given below:

bathroom decor

1. Cornering and Downsizing: Small bathrooms demand the usage of every inch available. It is no wonder that corners play a key role

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10 Home Improvements for House Value

Before you get too excited about Zillow’s estimate of your home, remember that Zillow have never been inside your home. In fact, their own website states that it is “computed using a proprietary formula” and notably,  “It is not an appraisal”. Therefore, the true value of your home could be very different to what is displayed on Zillow. The great thing is, you can skyrocket the value of your property by carrying out some renovations. 

home improvement for house value

1) Paint - After living in a home for a while, it is easy to forget that it might have lost its fresh look. Some dirt and scuff marks hold memories, but a prospective buyer won’t see it that way. A lick of paint can make your home look like it was just built. Plus, it is one of

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Top 8 Ideas to Boost West Chester House Values

From time to time it can be fun to scour the latest “Top Ten” lists of cost-conscious ways to increase the value of West Chester house value.

west chester house values

Some make more sense than others. Upgrading bathroom vanity cabinets appears on some of the house value lists, for instance—but those lists were probably thrown together in a hurry since the return on investment is admitted to be 66%. When an investment returns two-thirds of its cost, it’s hardly competitive. For West Chester homeowners preparing to sell, vanity cabinets don’t belong on the action list.

The best idea lists are the ones which show ROI: the return on investment. Here’s a new compilation, offered purely as food for thought (since the “return”

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DIY Summer Home Improvements

Besides for swimming, BBQs and some fun in the sun, summer is also a very good time to do those repairs and maintenance in and around your home. Upgrades made to your home can help you improve the overall value of your home as well. 

Here are some home improvement ideas that you can apply to your home while the rain, ice, snow, and winds are out of the picture.

diy home improvements

 1. Roof - Apart from the roof maintenance check that should be done at least twice a year, making sure that your roof is clean will secure its lifespan and will help avoid other house maintenance problems. Cleaning a roof is best done with a rented pressure washer if you do not own one or you could call in a professional. Moss, bacteria, and stains do not

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Top 5 Exterior Fall DIY Home Improvements

As an active Realtor for years buying and selling real estate across southwest Ohio, and a long-time homeowner, I can tell you that Spring and Summer aren’t the only seasons to spruce up your residence and do some home improvements. 

diy home improvement

Today I’d like to blog about some exterior home improvements perfect for the Fall season. Good grief, is it fall already?

Some home improvements beautify, others increase energy efficiency while yet other projects and upgrades protect the home. Each is important to preserve your house value.

Fall is the perfect time to accomplish the following exterior home improvements, cool enough to work outside and when it comes to plants and trees it’s the perfect time to start

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Summer Curb Appeal Ideas - Attracting Buyers

Many of us plant to attract bees, butterflies and local bird species, and if you think about it, you can use summer curb appeal to attract buyers just like birds, bees, etc.

One of the mega-benefits of upping your summer curb-appeal is the resultant photos and online image marketing; after all, photos sell homes. Too, consider the drive-by appeal - a home exploding with colorful beauty on the outside speaks to a well-cared-for home on the inside.

summer curb appeal

Before you begin, consider your budget, how much landscape you need to cover, look up your gardening and planting zone.

Please consider not using RoundUp for and Bayer weed control products - they kill bees in massive numbers, there are many great

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Proposed Save Act to Reduce Mortgage Defaults

Many first time buyers including the millennial crowd show increasing concern about energy conservation and environmental impact and matched by their desire to save financially.

With over 100 million homes in the U.S accounting for a fifth of our nation’s energy consumption, they are also responsible for almost 25 percent of our country’s greenhouse gas emissions.

the save act

A growing trend with no sign of slowing, energy efficient smart homes reduce utility costs while buffering homeowners against rising energy costs.

Similarities to “Know Before You Owe”.

In fact, a joint study by IMT, Core Logic and University of North Carolina showed that energy-efficient homeowners were 32 percent less likely to

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Eco Friendly Homes and Products

eco friendly homes, eco friendly productsAn increasing concern of home buyers, home sellers do well to pay attention to this monumental growing trend of eco friendly homes and products for the house. 

Personally, I'm glad; it's overdue in my opinion.

For those that appreciate our planet and concerned with what they can do to mitigate or prevent environmental damage with everyday choices to making bigger investments, I've compiled some information about eco friendly homes and popular to less-known eco friendly products.

We have to, and have begun to re-envision the way we live and the home is a huge and fantastic place to start.

As a Realtor, my business partner Marty Snyder and I encourage other real estate agents to get eco friendly savvy as the

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4 Home Improvements to Lower Your Tax Bill

home improvement, lower tax bill, reduce tax billAs this year’s tax season ends (thank goodness!) and you begin to look forward to another year, it’s best to not forget about your taxes completely.

If you are buying, just bought or a long-term home owner, did you know that making certain types of renovations to your home could significantly lower the amount you owe on your taxes next year?

If you plan to renovate, read on to find out the 4 best home improvements that will allow you to reap rewards come tax time.

At the same time, the home improvements I've listed along with some possible suggestions about mortgage paid improvements can actually improve your financial picture in other ways and increase the comfort of your home.

If you're

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