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Greg's Picks - 25 Real Estate Blog Articles, June 2016

Back again to post my top picks and awesome sauce of real estate blog posts and articles for the month of June 2016 

Why these articles?

real estate blog

I choose the articles based on questions buyer and seller clients ask Marty and I for the value these articles hold for buyers, sellers and homeowners.

Articles and posts are from notable real estate agents and also real estate industry related companies like mortgage or title.

Learning is always a good thing - buying, selling or a homeowner you can save money and time, protect your investment and improve the quality of your experience and living.

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Home Buyer Real Estate Blog Articles

  1. How Your Mortgage Interest Rate is Determined - Gabe Sanders - Stuart Florida Real Estate - A wonderfully simplified guide outlining how your mortgage interest rate is determined and provides excellent insights on how you can get a better rate via understanding how it's determined.
  2. Is Student Debt Holding Back Millennial Homebuyers? Anita Clark -Warner Robbins, GA - A great outline of the problem many millennials face in wrestling with student loan debt and the prospect of buying a home, but there's hope! See also some great additional resources from Bill Gassett, Ryan Fitzgerald, Teresa Cowart and the National Association of Realtors.
  3. Top 10 Problems Home Sellers Try to Hide - Xavier DeBuck - Northcliff, Johannesburg AF - A great read from a notable Realtor with expansive experience, this is very enlightening and a must-read for anyone in the market to buy a home.
  4. 4 Home Buying Tips for Newlyweds - Marty Snyder - Southwest Ohio / Cincinnati Metro Area - If you're engaged or recently married, you'll appreciate this candid but very useful set of home buying tips geared specifically for newlyweds based on years of helping new couples in the market for a home.
  5. How and Why to Conduct a Final Walk-Through - Greg Hancock - Southwest Ohio / Cincinnati Metro Area - My own article, but believe me, once you're handed the keys at closing it's your home (or headache) now.
  6. The Visual Ultimate Guide to Buying a House (Gifographic) - Nathan Garrett, Louisville, KY - I had to share this post from Nathan, just a great visual display of the progressive steps you need to take as a home buyer plus the full article below his nifty "Gifographic" detailing helpful items to move you along.
  7. What is a "Buyer's Agent" Realtor and Why Should You Consider Using One - The Keadle Group, Charleston, SC - Many buyers don't know better, but call the number on the listing sign in the yard not knowing that agent promised the seller to sell the home for as much as possible. You need a buyer's agent and this article will help clarify it for you.

Bonus Articles:

  1. How to Appeal Property Tax Assessments - Greg Hancock, Southwest Ohio / Cincinnati Metro Area - my own post, but if you're buying a home, you can save yourself substantial dollars over the years by learning best practices for appealing property tax assessments.
  2. Costly and Inaccurate Zillow Home Values in CA, WA and OR (and Ohio) - Tony Mariotti, Ruby One Mortgage - Is Zillow Accurate? Not Really. Great read from Tony about Zillow's inaccurate house value estimates and holds true for Ohio too, I've researched it before. Bad for buyers, bad for sellers. Learn more.
  3. Realtor Safety - Home Showings - - Excellent tips for preempting potentially dangerous situations.
  4. Why a Property's Previous Sale Can Really Matter for an Appraisal - Ryan Lundquist, Sacramento CA Appraisal Blog - I really enjoyed this article, so many times there are battles over contract negotiations when the appraisal comes in and dramatically impacts buyers, sellers or both. Very insightful.

Home Seller Real Estate Blog Articles

  1. How to Max Out Your Home's Summer Curb Appeal - Teresa Cowart, Richmond Hills, Savannah GA area - A down-to-earth read with no-nonsense DIY tips and straightforward planning to keep your home's curb appeal tip-top during the summer, and makes for easier maintenance year round.
  2. Summer Curb Appeal - Turn Ordinary into Extraordinary - Luke Skar, Madison Mortgage - A more expansive compilation Luke Skar has put together an absolutely fantastic collection of curb appeal and landscaping articles for dressing up the outside - very important for attracting buyers with contributions from Red Barrinuevo, Diana Hadchity Chedrawy, Bill Gassett, Karen Highland, Kyle Hiscock, Ryan Fitzgerald, Anita Clark, Lynn Pineda, Nathan Garrett, Ferris Property Group, Paul Sian, Greg Hancock (myself) Debbie Drummond and Tony Mariotti!
  3. How to Sell the House Nobody Likes - Debbie Drummond, Las Vegas, NV - If you are nervous about whether or not your home is going to sell in a timely manner for your expected asking price, you'll definitely want to read this article from Debbie, an experienced Las Vegas area Realtor.
  4. The Most Important Things to Repair Before Selling Your Home - Bill Gassett - Greater Metrowest MA - Selling or thinking of selling and have a limited repair budget? What repairs should come first? How to prioritize what needs fixing? Excellent advice from a top MA Realtor.
  5. 10 Important Real Estate Terms Sellers Should Know - Paul Sian, Cincinnati / Northern KY - If you're selling, you need to know about terms and definitions of things like what constitutes a "breach of contract" and "clouded title". Paul's excellent list will help you stay on track, and out of trouble.
  6. Reasons Home Sellers Don't Complain About Bad Realtors but Should - Conor MacEvilly, Ballard, Seattle - While most Realtors are conscientious and professional there some who aren't. I love this article for spelling out what sellers should raise their voices about, and perhaps raise those agent's skills and professionalism.

Home Improvement, Security and Interior Design

  1. 10 Ways to Deter Burglars With Landscaping - Susan Sanavi - San Diego, CA - "In 2014, just over 1.7 million individuals fell victim to burglary according to the FBI. Sometimes deadbolts and alarm systems just aren't enough to deter thieves. But there are outdoor security measures you can take ... " An awesome read on using your landscaping to your advantage for added home security.
  2. How to Deter Home Burglars - Ferris Property Group - Another great little read for decreasing your chances of being burglarized, had to share this one too. See also the additional resources from Bill Gassett, PlantitDIY and HouseHunt. You also might want to check out Ferris Property Group's article "10 Theft Protection Tips to Keep Your Home Safe".
  3. Tips to Take Care of Your Home While on Vacation - HomeZada - A Smart Home Company with a lot to offer, this read and additional resources will have you more at ease on vacation knowing your home is more secure.
  4. A Home Owner's Guide to Deck Construction - Michael Robert's Construction - Coastal GA - Whether you're a DIY homeowner or intend on hiring a professional you will definitely benefit from this read from one of Georgia's premiere home builders.
  5. Home Improvement ROI - Chris and Karen Highland - Frederick County, MD - Remodeling projects for the home, return on investment with percentage averages and cost vs value with plenty of reputable resources and citations. If you're home improving, this read is for you!
  6. Top Home Remedies to Keep Your Summer Pest Free - David R. Millar, Russian River, CA - Bugs bugging you out? Pestered by pests? Check out this great collection of home remedies to keep your home pest free for summer.
  7. 11 Small House Tricks - Better Homes and Gardens - Had to share this with so many turning towards smaller, more affordable homes, these tips are huge space savers that still allow for personal taste in your space.
  8. As a Home Renter or Home Owner, do You know what NextDoor is? - Erika Lewis - Atlanta, GA - Erika does a great job highlighting this important networking service for homeowners that like to be engaged with their neighborhood from notifications about a rash of car break-ins to community events. Network with your neighborhood!

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Greg Hancock wrote: You're welcome Gabe, and thanks for your contribution "How Your Mortgage Rate is Determined" :) I felt this was a very keen article for buyers new to the market, even second time buyers. It's one thing (and very important) to seek pre-approval, however, your article provides excellent insight in to preparing prior to seeking pre-approval, knowledge is power. If a buyer knows before-hand what he or she can do in the months leading up to when they are ready to buy, they have the potential to save thousands on a purchase.

So, a valuable read for anyone just starting to think about buying a home. Cheers and thanks!

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