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As active Realtors, Ohio counts on in the Southwest, Southern Ohio and Cincinnati markets, we invest in real estate properties and post real estate blog articles here on real estate investing for beginners. Some of the investors we work with even get their real estate license after working with us for a time. Be sure to check out real estate blog articles in the buyer's categories too. Use our property search for multi-family or investment properties to add to your real estate portfolio.

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Does Adding an In-Law Suite Improve my House Value?

In a world of younger homeowners with aging and elderly parents or relatives, the addition of in-law suites are starting to become more popular, but does adding an in-law suite to your home improve your house value?

does adding an in-law suite improve my house value

The answer is yes, but only if you add an in-law suite correctly and by that I mean legally. Baby boomers are retiring and living independently or pursuing assisted living can be very cost prohibitive driving more families to once again live together.

Aging parents and the beauty of the duplex

That's great, but some homeowners will attempt to save money by skipping permits and the subsequent inspections, but when it comes to adding an in-law suite (or any other home

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Your Cincinnati Home, "Rent my house out or sell it?"

From our earliest days, everybody in Cincinnati is inundated with tale of transformations. It started with those grade school day trips to science places with exhibits showing the improbable progression of fish (well, pollywogs) into frogs. "Where is he going with this?" - stay with me.

rent my house out or sell it

There were nature TV shows with sped-up motion films demonstrating the unlikely truth that icky caterpillars DO turn into graceful butterflies. In fact, Cincinnati cable TV is littered with the Discovery Channel and the Science Channel and PBS and the NatGeo Channel—all of which seem to be dedicated into making sure we won’t forget that Nature is full of every day metamorphoses and how ugly ducklings will one

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Residential Real Estate Investing – 3 Ways to Mitigate Risk

One of the most concerning things a real estate investor wrestles with is risk, whether just starting out with small real estate investing in single family homes or those pursing multi-family and commercial properties.

The risks can be scary, but there are tools, instruments and other investments that will keep your real estate investing safer, preserve your progress, peace of mind and protect you and your investment from a legal standpoint.

real estate investing

Another facet of risk in real estate investing is choosing areas and properties that perform, this article is meant to address other types of risk.

Investing in single family and multi-family house – a duplex on up to a small 8-25 unit

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Aging Parents - The Beauty of a Duplex

Hello again, been a while since I've posted and out due to issues with vision, age catching up it would seem. Speaking of age and aging, many of us in this day and age are caring for an elderly parent.

Not being one to look the other way, I cared for my mother for 17 years and dad now for about eight.

real estate investing duplex

There comes a time in your parent's life where they may not be able to be totally independent, or perhaps cannot afford to live in a retirement community. Maybe you just want to keep them close enough to keep an eye on but still at "arm's length" so they don't drive you batty.

I also want my father to keep his dignity and spend his final years and days where he should be - in his own place that he feels

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Cautions About Real Estate Disclaimers

Hello, back again this time to talk about real estate disclaimers and what it means for home buyers, sellers and agents new to the industry.

When I see or hear about a real estate disclaimer, the first thing that pops into my mind is “caution” and for good reason. 

real estate disclaimers

In a world full of disclaimers and fine print, real estate disclaimers are used for a reason but no guarantee of legal protection.

As a seller, it’s important your agent understand usage and application of disclaimers.

Sellers and buyers realize real estate disclaimers do not relieve either party of legal liability including “as-is” properties. As-is properties could be a typical distressed foreclosure, luxury home or anything in

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Hands-Off, Profitable Property Management

hire a property manager, should i hire a property managerBeing a landlord can be a painful, tedious experience but if your purchase and investment is right you can have a well-managed property, protect your investment and enjoy hassle-free, hands-off profitable return.

My business partner Marty Snyder and I own rental property and landlords ourselves. We've worked with many a real estate investor over the years, a few obtaining their real estate license and in full blown real estate investing mode.

Some of those we work with love to flip houses but many love to buy-hold-and-rent. Either way, time is valuable and as an investor you should spend it wisely.

You're probably familiar with using debt to leverage wealth, but if you want a hassle-free real estate

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Selling a House As-Is or with Major Repairs

As home owners lean towards selling, thoughts turn to sprucing up the place, fixing a few obvious, easy things and even some light remodeling - basically fast cosmetics.

These may come in handy for you too:

 selling a house as is

What if the property’s minor defects prove to be increasingly troublesome or costly in the near future or what if the home has undeniable defects; a rusting hot water heater, leaking roof, faulty electric, severe plumbing or septic issues?

Articles - Preparing to Sell

Strong Marketing Plan

In these cases, sellers are usually aware of the problems, if not they soon are as they begin preparing to sell. When you sell a home as-is you lose negotiating power.

I would say in these cases,

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Buying a Foreclosed Home - Facts and Fiction

Is a foreclosure the best deal? Can I save more money on a foreclosure? What if the home needs repairs? What is the best home for me?

buying a foreclosed home

Any of these questions sound familiar? Who doesn't want to get a deal, right? Foreclosures carry a certain stigma that they are the best deal to be had financially speaking.

For those first time buyers out there and investors new to the real-estate-scape, I'd like to dispel a few myths about buying a foreclosed home and help you increase your potential of finding a more perfect home or investment.

Get The Best Deal on a Home

It's common knowledge that a foreclosed home is a result of the owner falling behind on their mortgage for a period of time. It's a common

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Is Zillow Accurate? - The Zillow Pill

Many Realtors have an absolute love-hate relationship with Zillow over several issues, but the main pill is always "is Zillow accurate". Zillow has certainly done a bang up job when it comes to buyer traffic and enticing sellers to want their homes on their real estate site.

Take your meds, but check the side effects first.

Answering the question is Zillow accurate is easy and the answer generally no. But depends on local MLS cooperation in your area. Zillow often over-estimates and under-estimates house values. Either way, it's bad for buyers, sellers and for agents trying to serve their clients.

are zestimates accurate

Using some homes from the Cincinnati MLS, let's take a look at a few properties and ask is Zillow accurate

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Is Title Insurance Necessary?

So, you're buying or thinking of buying a home or other type of property and in your course of learning you may find yourself asking if title insurance is really necessary.

In a word - absolutely

All kinds of inconvenient, time-consuming, costly and even horrific circumstances can happen without it. To understand why title insurance is necessary, first understand what it is.

is title insurance necessary

Imagine getting a knock on your door one day, perhaps a few months after closing and having put a lot of money into your new home and "cousin Jim" of the previous owner shows up and says "I'll take that room over there", Of course, you reply, "no,you will not" and the litigation ensues.

Maybe the former spouse shows up and demands their

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