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This category of real estate blog posts covers topics on tips for selling your home, "market value of my home" and insights on the "market value of my home", do's and don'ts of real estate marketing plans, real estate technology and advertising, strategies and tools your real estate agent can use to sell your home faster and for more. Selling a home in southwest or southern Ohio? Check out our great reviews.

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Selling a Home in Winter has Advantages:

For a limited time; list your home for sale with us and get a FREE home warranty. This offer is limited to homes that are priced $125,000 and up.

We have numerous buyers looking to purchase a home, but, due to the very limited inventory, we decided to run this promotion in hopes of gaining more inventory choices for our buyers. 

Mortgage interest rates expected to rise at least 3 more times in 2017 and this could possibly have a negative effect on home prices, so, don't delay, call me today!

free home warranty

The cold winter months can be a great time to list your home for sale. Why? You ask.

  • A few simple reasons; home buyers that are out braving the cold and sometimes hazardous weather are often more serious
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Greg's Picks, 30 Real Estate Blog Articles, August 2016

Back again to post my top picks and awesome sauce of real estate blog posts and articles for the month of August 2016

Why these articles? As active Realtors, my business partner Marty Snyder and I hate hearing about someone's bad experience with other real estate agents and love it when we get our chance to work with these clients and show them what a good experience can be.

real estate blog august 2016

On that note, not only do Marty and I blog about real estate, posting helpful articles packed with time and money saving tips for buyers, sellers and homeowners but also connect with great, experienced real estate agents around the U.S and abroad through social media.

I choose a selection of articles each month

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Good Real Estate Agents, Bad Real Estate Agents - Accountability

Now, I'm sure just about anyone reading this knows what it's like to get screwed, taken or shammed and it's just gut wrenching and perhaps more so when you're searching out good real estate agents and come across bad real estate agents but don't realize it until after the fact.

I'd like to just drop some thought-bombs on finding good real estate agents near you, how to detect and promptly fire bad real estate agents before you become a victim of lack of professionalism or purposeful, outright bad ethics.

good real estate agents near me

Good Real Estate Agents Near Me

First of all, let's go over what you want to look for and what you want to avoid when you start looking for "good real estate agents near me".

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How to Sell My Home for More

My business partner Marty Snyder and I help clients buy and sell dozens of homes every year, and while sellers usually have a ballpark idea of their home’s value, it’s usually on the high end.

This is only natural, of course, just like a parent’s bias for a child and natural too to attempt to net every penny possible from the sale of their home.

sell my home for more

To that end, here are seven tips to help get top dollar when selling a home.

But before I dive into that, soon-to-be sellers should realize that consulting with neighbors, parents or the local tax man will not give you an accurate fair market value range.

"What is my home worth?" Rely on facts.

Range has everything to do with time frame constraints. It takes

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Greg's Picks - 25 Real Estate Blog Articles, June 2016

Back again to post my top picks and awesome sauce of real estate blog posts and articles for the month of June 2016 

Why these articles?

real estate blog

I choose the articles based on questions buyer and seller clients ask Marty and I for the value these articles hold for buyers, sellers and homeowners.

Articles and posts are from notable real estate agents and also real estate industry related companies like mortgage or title.

Learning is always a good thing - buying, selling or a homeowner you can save money and time, protect your investment and improve the quality of your experience and living.

Comment freely; you won't end up on any email list. Links to your real estate related sites with

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How to Sell Your Home Fast - for More or Both

Greetings readers, back after a reprieve from social medial to enjoy Memorial Day weekend (thank you dear veterans) and today I'd like to talk about how to sell your home fast, for more or both.

There are two people involved in selling your home, you and your Realtor and there are plenty of things both can do but are often overlooked or skipped over.

how to sell your home fast

Let's talk about what each can do regarding how to sell a home fast.

Regarding what you can personally do, the first thing to consider is the type of property and the condition with respect to other homes in your neighborhood.

Is it in move-in condition or is the property in need of some repair or all out rehab?

Repairs and updating aren't

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What is My Home Worth? Don't be Naive

how much is my home worth, house valueThere's a saying in the real estate industry wrapped around the question "what is my home worth?" that gives you different perspectives depending on which side of the fence you're on.

"If you are buying, it's a house. If you are selling, it's a home" and speaks to personal attachment, motives, emotional and financial investment.

Determining fair market value is the most important part of listing a home if you expect it to sell; one could easily say it's half the battle - the other half being marketing effectively.

Even the most effective marketing won't sell an an over-priced home, though a home listed at the top range of fair market value can sell for more than expected if the marketing is broad,

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Luxury Listings – Selling Your Splendid Home

selling a home, selling a luxury homeSelling a luxury home has a ton in common with selling other residential properties but with a few extra considerations.

Two items that selling a luxury home and other residential properties have, or should have, in common are working with a professional Realtor with a proven track record and also pricing the property correctly. Let’s look at these two items first.

4 Major Points for Selling Luxury Homes

The Realtor does matter:

I strongly suggest when shopping for a Realtor the first thing you want to do is look for reviews and testimonials. There should be plenty of great reviews and testimonials both recent and past.

You also want to ensure that the real estate agent you choose understands

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4 Craptastic Listing Agent Marketing Mistakes

sell my home, sell my home fast, sell my home for moreAs most people probably figure, not all Realtors are equal, buying or selling it's wise to choose an agent with prudent criteria.

If you're selling a home and ready to find an agent or screen real estate agents that are perhaps referred to you, here is a list of pertinent questions you can ask to determine if they are skilled at bringing the buyers.

Before I dive into the tips, if you think it doesn't matter you should realize that approximately 90% of sales are accomplished by 10% of agents.

Secondly, when you do hire a good listing agent who does a good volume of sales annually, listen to their advice.

Selling a Home -3 Big Blunders

1 - Photos - This is a whopper - Providing only one photo,

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Fair Market Value - The Karma of Overpriced Listings

how much is my home worth, sell my home fastSelling a home in a timely manner means different things to different owners, but all sellers want to net as much as possible and it all boils down to perception, appeal and "fair market value"

It's always been funny to me, Westerners believe the definition of Karma is loosely "what comes around goes around" but that actual meaning of Karma is simply "The future one creates for oneself".

When it comes to pricing a home, this concept is better than a real-life crystal ball at what will happen if your home isn't priced correctly.

I'll spell it out for you, how it will play out, exactly what will happen but also what sellers can do to land in the ballpark of their goals.

The Karma ....

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