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Is Zillow Accurate? - The Zillow Pill

Many Realtors have an absolute love-hate relationship with Zillow over several issues, but the main pill is always "is Zillow accurate". Zillow has certainly done a bang up job when it comes to buyer traffic and enticing sellers to want their homes on their real estate site.

Take your meds, but check the side effects first.

Answering the question is Zillow accurate is easy and the answer generally no. But depends on local MLS cooperation in your area. Zillow often over-estimates and under-estimates house values. Either way, it's bad for buyers, sellers and for agents trying to serve their clients.

are zestimates accurate

Using some homes from the Cincinnati MLS, let's take a look at a few properties and ask is Zillow accurate

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Real Estate Photography -Do Listing Photos Really Matter?

The short answer: Absolutely. In this post, I'd like to talk about quality, speed on mobile devices and SEO friendly images. You might find some of the online tools and advice handy for your next listing.

Gone are the days when the first stop on the home search was a drive-by.  In today’s market, the average buyer begins their search on the internet, and contacting an agent or taking the time to view the exterior of a property comes second and third.

real estate photography

As a result, the first impression most buyers have of a home is from the photos that accompany the listing in online real estate searches.  If your listing photos don’t measure up, buyers will simply move on to the next listing.


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