sell my home for more

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How to Sell My Home for More

My business partner Marty Snyder and I help clients buy and sell dozens of homes every year, and while sellers usually have a ballpark idea of their home’s value, it’s usually on the high end.

This is only natural, of course, just like a parent’s bias for a child and natural too to attempt to net every penny possible from the sale of their home.

sell my home for more

To that end, here are seven tips to help get top dollar when selling a home.

But before I dive into that, soon-to-be sellers should realize that consulting with neighbors, parents or the local tax man will not give you an accurate fair market value range.

"What is my home worth?" Rely on facts.

Range has everything to do with time frame constraints. It takes professional “comps” or CMA’s done (Comparative Market Analysis) or what others may refer to as “Highest Price Analysis”. Guessing and overpricing will kill your sale. The Karma of Overpriced Listings.

A great Realtor is going to examine all the comparable homes in the neighborhood matching feature to feature and calculate the averages of asking prices, sold prices, and expired (overpriced and did not sell) and present you with a clear idea of a low, medium and highest price and speak to you about your time frame to sell.

A great Realtor is also going to do a heck of a lot more than simply take one picture and enter some data on the MLS (Multiple Listing System). Sorry, but that is just so weak and unprofessional. Marty and I utilize professional photography and no less than 20 pictures minimum.

Example of a dynamic marketing plan

Sell My Home for More - Seven Super Tips

1 - Closet Cleaning and Organizing: Remove about half or more of the contents of your closets and neatly organize what remains. Buyers need to visualize their belongings in your home and closets bursting with your stuff destroy the visualization process. Additionally, you want to avoid the impression there is limited or not enough storage. The fewer closets and smaller closets you have, the more you should remove.

2 - Light it Up: Take the time to brighten up your home: Replace low wattage bulbs with higher wattage, make sure windows are clean and unobstructed, remove dark heavy drapes and replace with simple ones that allow more light in and look less heavy. A bright, cheerful looking house is more attractive than dark and heavy with buyers.

3 - Pet Patrol and Control: You might adore your four-legged fur babies and best friends, but not all home buyers will. Ensure that you pets are not in the house when buyers are present. Remove food bowls, litter boxes, paraphernalia. Sweep, dust, remove pet hair and freshen up your furniture and carpet with some Febreze to reduce or eliminate pet odors.

4 - Simple Home Improvements and Upgrades: Now, large and expensive home improvements aren't likely to give you a big pay-off, but little quick fixes that are budget friendly can dramatically improve perceived value and appeal with buyers bringing more attractive bids on your home.

  • A fresh coat of paint
  • Clean curtains (bright and light)
  • New cabinet hardware
  • Clean grout and fresh caulking

If you're into home improvements, here's a great read about home improvements that actually pay you back and save you money while also appealing to buyers;

5 home improvements that actually pay you back

5 - Purge Your Personality From the Premises: Put the foot on the other shoe, you walk into a potential home and it's full of religious and political items, photos of someone else's life and family everywhere, travel and event memorabilia and personal items from clay children's crafts and toys to sports items or wardrobe accessories in every room. Really hard to imagine your life in that home right? 

This is also an occasion to rearrange the furniture to both maximize space and easy walk-through. Consider professional home staging (ask your Realtor for a referral) and know that professionally staged homes statistically sell faster and for more.

6 - The "Show Must Go On" Mindset: Perhaps inconvenient, but keep your house "show-ready" all day, every day. You'll get some notice if there's to be a showing, especially if you're still occupying the premises and you have a Realtor who's on top of their game. Don't let it pile up. Keep the home dusted, the dishes done, the floors clean, bathrooms and kitchens sparkling.

BONUS - Multiple offers, which one is best

7 - "Come Hither" Curb Appeal: Take the time needed to dress out the exterior of the home, first impressions don't get second chances. Your property is judged from the moment the buyer's car arrives to the door and out the back. Grass showed be mowed and maintained, shrubs trimmed and sidewalks clear. Make sure windows and sills are clean and no peeling paint (very bad first impression).

If you can't do a bunch of planting and landscaping, colorful pots with seasonal bright flowers can do wonders for curb appeal on a budget, not to mention fast and easy.

If you are, however, into some planting and have the time, there's a lot of affordable quickies for dressing up your home's yard and exterior;

Summer curb appeal ideas

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