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How to Sell Your Home Fast - for More or Both

Greetings readers, back after a reprieve from social medial to enjoy Memorial Day weekend (thank you dear veterans) and today I'd like to talk about how to sell your home fast, for more or both.

There are two people involved in selling your home, you and your Realtor and there are plenty of things both can do but are often overlooked or skipped over.

how to sell your home fast

Let's talk about what each can do regarding how to sell a home fast.

Regarding what you can personally do, the first thing to consider is the type of property and the condition with respect to other homes in your neighborhood.

Is it in move-in condition or is the property in need of some repair or all out rehab?

Repairs and updating aren't always necessary, however the majority of home buyers (mostly millennials) favor homes that are ready to receive residency with little or no work required.

Selling Distressed Properties - Fix it or List As-Is? RE Trends - Buyers want move in ready

How to Sell a Home Fast - What Owners Can Do

Some things are just a given when it comes to how to sell a home fast. First, de-clutter, clean and remove the bulk of items and personal belongings if at all possible. That doesn't mean show the home empty and devoid of any decor. It's a solid fact that property staged homes sell faster and typically for more than empty homes.

Selling a home fast is much likely when the house is well staged, and though I recommend using a professional home staging service (ask your Realtor for referrals) there are a lot of things you can do yourself to create the proper settings that appeal the most to buyers. I suggest reading the following articles:

Selling a home? Clean is King 21 Staging Tips to Sell Fast via Houzz

Of course, there is the matter of pricing a home correctly. Selling a home fast doesn't necessarily mean selling it for less than fair market value. Sellers should consider however, overpricing the home with no plausible justification will backfire and you'll end up selling for less than you would have had you priced it correctly to begin with.

Realtors will conduct CMA"s or comparative market analysis to give you a solid idea of a low, median and highest price range. Lower of course (but still a fair price) will sell faster, the median range perhaps in a few months and highest range you can expect to sell in 7-8 months from the date it hits the market.

Listening to the neighbors about how to price your home is a bad idea, not having full possession of the facts and neighborhood's real estate market history in its entirety.

Should you overprice your home, two things will happen: First, all the buyers looking in your area will overlook your home because they are searching in a reasonable price range for the neighborhood. Second, you'll fire your agent, find another who will talk some sense into you and list it at fair market value, but you'll in all likelihood never sell it for as much as you could have the second time around.

The karma of overpriced listings

Sell a Home Fast - What Realtors Can Do

Now, your choice of Realtor is really going to matter here to sell a home fast or faster and for more. Personally, I'm horrified for sellers when the listing agent takes only one photo, or worse yet - takes only one photos and only lists the property in the MLS with no further marketing.

Photos sell homes. My business partner Marty Snyder and I ensure at least a couple dozen photos, provide professional photography, virtual tours, Youtube videos and make expert use of social media and syndicated advertising.

Read this section first - then check out our dynamic marketing plan

For example, we operate in multiple Facebook groups local to the neighborhoods, communities and county levels. Between that, our hyper local business Facebook page and paid-for advertising with local targeting, when we list a home we get the property seen from anywhere between 5,000 to 25,000 local residents every couple of weeks.

Our listings are syndicated too, meaning that once published on the MLS (we belong to both Cincinnati and Dayton) the listing goes out to dozens of websites from, Trulia and Zillow to smaller, more local real estate sites. In short, we don't hold back when it comes to marketing a property.

Realtors that have large networks with other Realtors tend to sell homes quicker as well as experienced, active agents keep and maintain buyer databases and stay on top of who's looking for what

For luxury homes, there are additional, special groups and forums for posting luxury property in addition to the effective marketing tactics above. Working with the right Realtor makes all the difference in the world.


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Marie S. wrote: Hello Greg - Question for you, do you and Marty work in Hamilton Township? Have to sell, headed to Michigan. If not, could you recommend someone for me?

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Greg Hancock wrote: Hi Marie, yes we buy and sell with clients in Hamilton. Sending you an email with some questions. If you could answer those and let me have a look, provide a phone number I'll call you a little later after lunch if that's ok. Thanks for your inquiry!

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