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Hurricane News Overshadows All but One Bright Spot 

Last weekend’s regular Ohio news should have been promoting all the usual upbeat feature stories about the onset of football season, the start of a brand new school year, the finals of tennis’ last grand slam tournament and the like—but Mason readers would have gotten eye strain trying to find any of them. Instead, the dark clouds brought by Hurricanes Irma and Harvey cast dense shadows across the region and the nation’s news. It was certain, too, that even after the terror of their actual passages had subsided, the fallout would continue to reverberate—expensively—for a very long time.

 hurricane news

What was covered was how the prayers of millions not directly affected were being answered by many thousands

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Residential Real Estate Investing – 3 Ways to Mitigate Risk

One of the most concerning things a real estate investor wrestles with is risk, whether just starting out with small real estate investing in single family homes or those pursing multi-family and commercial properties.

The risks can be scary, but there are tools, instruments and other investments that will keep your real estate investing safer, preserve your progress, peace of mind and protect you and your investment from a legal standpoint.

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Another facet of risk in real estate investing is choosing areas and properties that perform, this article is meant to address other types of risk.

Investing in single family and multi-family house – a duplex on up to a small 8-25 unit

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Hands-Off, Profitable Property Management

hire a property manager, should i hire a property managerBeing a landlord can be a painful, tedious experience but if your purchase and investment is right you can have a well-managed property, protect your investment and enjoy hassle-free, hands-off profitable return.

My business partner Marty Snyder and I own rental property and landlords ourselves. We've worked with many a real estate investor over the years, a few obtaining their real estate license and in full blown real estate investing mode.

Some of those we work with love to flip houses but many love to buy-hold-and-rent. Either way, time is valuable and as an investor you should spend it wisely.

You're probably familiar with using debt to leverage wealth, but if you want a hassle-free real estate

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