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Top 3 Ways West Chester Homes Could Save on Insurance 

For most area homeowners, the 110-decibel wail of nearby fire engines may not be a sought-after feature when selecting the ideal neighborhood. Nonetheless, according to The Wall Street Journal, living close to firehouse has its advantages; safety. Reductions in your homeowner’s insurance bill, another. Selling your West Chester home?

west chester save on home insurance
Not all homes in West Chester can have the advantage of being next door to a firehouse, but just about everybody knows that having the proper insurance is important to protect not only the structure itself but also the valuables within. Here are three possible actions you could take this month, any or all of which might reduce the cost of your homeowner’s insurance

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Renting vs Buying a Home - 5 Things to Remember

You’ve finally reached a point in your life where you plan to be in the same place for longer than a 12-month lease and pondering renting vs buying a home. Instead of making rental payments on a monthly basis, you want to earn equity as you go and eventually end up with a permanent roof over your head. (We at ​ABODO​ will miss you, but we understand.)

renting vs buying a home

But rent doesn’t translate into mortgage on a simple 1:1 ratio — a lot more goes into the transition than you might think, from the upfront costs involved to what happens if your dishwasher malfunctions and spews food-­flavored water all over your floor. As you prepare to pick up the torch of home ownership, keep these five things in mind, and you’ll

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5 DIY Cheap Home Improvements

Preparing to sell, just bought or a long time homeowner, here are five outstanding ideas for dolling up your residential property that are budget friendly with terrific results and easily accomplished.

If you're like me, you home is something between your castle and your sanctuary, and I spend a lot of time talking with current and past clients and often receive pictures or visit and see the upgrades and projects and would like to share some of the simple ideas that people have shared with me.

cheap home improvements

If you are preparing to sell your home, you can't go wrong with these simple home improvement and home decor ideas that will present a much more appealing home for buyers and it doesn't have to break the bank.

1 - Fresh

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Recycling Tips for Recycling at Home

I usually blog about real estate – buying, selling and sometimes investing, but I also like to talk about things for the home.

Just back from a recent short vacation in beautiful Gatlinburg, Tennessee where I rented a cabin to “unplug” for a spell, I was disconcerted by the amount of garbage I saw people generating.

recycle tips

I get hot under the collar when I see people throwing garbage out their car windows, whether it’s recyclable or not, but geez – are you that stupid and uncaring?

I post about “green homes”, eco-friendly and renewable or sustainable construction materials, and was moved to talk a bit about recycling in the home. It’s so much easier than you think.

Did you know, that for many, recycling has

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How to Appeal Property Tax Assessments

Back after a well-needed break, today my post is about whether or not you should challenge, and how to appeal a property tax assessment in Ohio (or other states).

Many home buyers and new home owners take a strong look at property taxes and wonder if the tax assessment is fair or correct.

how to appeal property tax assessment

If the tax assessment of a property results in too high a taxable value on a home it will naturally result in tax bills that are unfairly high. Though there are guidelines to tax assessment, the assessors themselves are human and capable of error.

Let’s look at how you may be able to lower the taxable value and how that can equate to big savings here in Ohio and around the U.S.

Prepping for Property Tax Appeal

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Costs of Buying a Home - Now and Later

Hello reader peeps, looking like a beautiful week for showing homes here in SW Ohio and back to yak about the costs of buying a home - the upfront expenses and what you need to consider down the road.

It can be a difficult question, "How much money do I need to buy a house?" as everyone's situation is different, and the before and after expenses vary with the type, size and even location of the property, however, I think this guide will help you make more accurate assessments. 

buying a home

How Much do I Need to Buy a Home?

By the way, some real estate agents will push you to max out your financial purchasing power for bigger commissions. My business partner, Marty Snyder and I, want to see you in a home that is

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Homeowners Insurance - Quality, Claims and Regrets

homeowner insuranceI'm sure you've seen all the commercials on television for car insurance and have noticed cheap, fast or "insure anyone" but when it comes to buying a home and purchasing homeowners insurance cheap, fast and companies that will insure anyone jeopardize everything you've worked so hard for.

You've seen the Allstate commercials, right? "There will still be pain", "Maybe you should have done more research on your insurance company", "They'll only replace three-quarters of the value of your car" etc.

Well, just imagine if it was your home in question, not a car. Yikes!

My first and foremost advice about buying homeowners insurance is ratings and reviews, especially with regard to claims and

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$10,000 Prize for Taxpayer Experience Overhaul?

taxpayer design contest, taxpayer system design contestTaxpayers and mortgage borrowers have something in common - If they are home owners, they are the same.

In a ground-breaking move, the IRS is launching its first crowdsourced challenge with a $10,000 prize to who can dream up the best idea to "reimagine the taxpayer experience of the future." and asking the public for help.

A bold move, guess who's putting up the prize money?

The Mortgage Banker Association.

"For the MBA, it hopes that its involvement in the crowdsourcing challenge results in an improved experience for the taxpayer, which, in turn, would help to improve the consumer experience for lending, according to Rick Hill, the MBA’s vice president of industry technology." states Ben

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