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Cincinnati Mortgage Rate Jitters Needn’t Spur Hasty Decisions

Mortgage rates in Cincinnati remained mostly steady this past month, at least partially due to the predictable July-August doldrum effect. When the summertime vacation schedules of Washington and Manhattan movers and shakers presages a slowdown in activity and economic reports, there is simply less going on that might affect the rate meter—in either direction.

cincinnati mortgage
Summertime can also mark the beginning of a nationwide tapering off of real estate’s peak selling season. With the added factor of mortgage rates in (town) looking as if they will remain invitingly low for the near future, fear of a sudden rate rise is ebbing as well. It’s the kind of apprehension that can spur some buyers

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West Chester Renters, a Brand New Tesla (in 5 Years)? 

My 5-year Tesla Plan is fanciful, but based on what could be the situation some West Chester renters can probably relate to.

The imaginary 5-year Tesla Plan participant could be any gainfully employed West Chester renter who has been living comfortably in a nice rental for the past few years. It’s either a comfortable home or a nice apartment: that doesn’t matter. But - buying a home for sale in West Chester, Ohio instead of renting may just make that new Tesla affordable; crazy math?

west chester homes for lease

Homes for Sale in West Chester, Ohio

What’s important is that the average monthly rent has been rising. It’s now $1,570. This is now gobbling up just about every spare dollar of the West Chester renter’s

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Student Loans: Less of a Mortgage Obstacle than Thought

All of a sudden last month our Mason, Ohio and Cincinnati-area readers might have come across a number of new articles dealing with the same topic: the problem young first time home buyers are encountering due to outstanding student loans. The target group is the millennials—everyone born between the early 1980s and 2000s. If you are one of them, you are frequently reminded that there are millions and millions of you out there. And millions who also share the same student loan problem.

student loan debt home loans

There are conflicting accounts of the precise size of the issue, but it seems that the average college graduate now carries somewhere between $30,000 - $50,000 in debt upon graduation. The Federal Reserve

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Is it a Good Time to Buy a Home? Economic Concerns.

For today’s post, I’d like to highlight though many buyers are out there madly shopping for homes in what is currently a seller’s market, a lot of buyers are hanging back wondering “is it a good time to buy a home” due to economic concerns.

Unsure about what the current administration’s impact on economy and housing, jobs and wages, world affairs, stock markets and real estate market fluctuations have many buyers scratching their heads, waffling about a home purchase. Looks good? Smells good?

is it a good time to buy a home

I’d like to offer some simple but wise advice if you fall into that category.

It’s not always the right time to buy a home for some with regard to savings, bill-paying power, credit and

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Aging Parents - The Beauty of a Duplex

Hello again, been a while since I've posted and out due to issues with vision, age catching up it would seem. Speaking of age and aging, many of us in this day and age are caring for an elderly parent.

Not being one to look the other way, I cared for my mother for 17 years and dad now for about eight.

real estate investing duplex

There comes a time in your parent's life where they may not be able to be totally independent, or perhaps cannot afford to live in a retirement community. Maybe you just want to keep them close enough to keep an eye on but still at "arm's length" so they don't drive you batty.

I also want my father to keep his dignity and spend his final years and days where he should be - in his own place that he feels

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4 Newlywed Home Buying Tips

Congratulations on your marriage, or decision to marry and now you’re possibly considering looking for a place and wanting some home buying tips as you embark on your new life together.

Just as marriage’s first time experience, house hunting from start to finish can be a balance of what works and what doesn’t just like your relationship and I’ve put together some home buying tips specifically for those that have just tied the knot. 

home buying tips

Examine the four tips below, and keep in mind that newlyweds are well-served by embracing caution and mutual agreement as the your first home is major shared expense.

1. List Your Priorities – In addition to looking into your credit and financial picture to ensure capability, getting

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How to Buy a Home - 7 Epic Home Buyer Failures

Together with my business partner Marty Snyder, one of Ohio's top Realtors, we've seen a lot over the many years helping hundreds of buyers and have compiled a list of seven of the most epic mistakes made in home buying, hoping you might avoid these disastrous outcomes. 

how to buy a home

Out the gate, I can tell you that half of the battles lost are due to ill preparation.

1 - Credit Conundrums - A major first step, and possible a scary one for some is making sure your credit picture is in good health. Over 80% of credit reports contain errors, and all a clerk has to do is misspell your name or address and poof - you have an alias which hurts your score. Paying on time and knowing how to manipulate credit as with

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Does Your Realtor Understand Home Financing?

Buying a home is no small undertaking, including home financing, and you should know if you didn't already, that calling the listing agent is a bad idea (they promised the seller to net as much as possible from the sale) and you should work with a reputable agent that will serve you as a buyer's agent.

So, now you know to find a buyer agent, a Realtor, but that leaves you wide open to a world of hurt when it comes to home buying. In addition to negotiation skills, responsiveness to your questions and inquiries, you better make damn sure they understand the world of home financing.

does your realtor understand home financing

The type of home loan you qualify for will determine what homes you should be looking at so you don't waste your time.

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10 Steps on How to Buy a House

You start poking around the internet, looking at homes and entertaining the idea of how wonderful it would be, but need a starting place on how to buy a house and stop paying your landlord's mortgage.

It's an admirable goal with a lot of benefits; improved credit, building equity and having a valuable asset that can pay off handsomely down the road as a rental property someday when you upgrade to another property or sell it off for retirement funds later in life. Too, making a place uniquely your own and filling it with grand memories and the sense of pride that only a homeowner would know.

how to buy a house

It takes more than dreaming about it though. Dreams are great, but breaking down a goal into manageable steps helps ensure

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Are Adjustable Rate Mortgages a Bad Idea?

Hello, welcome to the Helpful Real Estate Blog and if you're in the market for a home loan or refinancing you may be asking if an adjustable rate mortgage is a bad idea?

Believe it or not, there are pros and cons to adjustable rate mortgages just as with any other type of home loans. 

are adjustable rate mortgages a bad idea

Looking at today's historically low interest rates, you are probably feeling safer locking in now, however, there are times where an adjustable rate mortgage can help buyers save substantially.

Remember the last housing market debacle? Adjustable rate mortgages were demonized and associated with irresponsible lending and borrowing during that period but believe it or not, some more affluent buyers actually use them to

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