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Understanding Real Estate Escrow

New to the market, some home buyers are confused and asking for a real estate escrow definition. Granted, the sheer multitude of steps with related terminology involved in home buying can be daunting, but as local real estate experts, my business partner Marty Snyder and I hare happy to explain real estate escrow.

 real estate escrow definition

Before I go into real estate escrow, just note; visit some of the other real estate blog categories at your right to learn more about buying or selling a home.

Real Estate Escrow: Definition

Another name for a real estate escrow account is an “impound account”. This account is set up by your mortgage lender for the sole purpose of paying property-related expenses on your behalf and includes

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$10,000 Prize for Taxpayer Experience Overhaul?

taxpayer design contest, taxpayer system design contestTaxpayers and mortgage borrowers have something in common - If they are home owners, they are the same.

In a ground-breaking move, the IRS is launching its first crowdsourced challenge with a $10,000 prize to who can dream up the best idea to "reimagine the taxpayer experience of the future." and asking the public for help.

A bold move, guess who's putting up the prize money?

The Mortgage Banker Association.

"For the MBA, it hopes that its involvement in the crowdsourcing challenge results in an improved experience for the taxpayer, which, in turn, would help to improve the consumer experience for lending, according to Rick Hill, the MBA’s vice president of industry technology." states Ben

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