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What is My Home Worth? Don't be Naive

how much is my home worth, house valueThere's a saying in the real estate industry wrapped around the question "what is my home worth?" that gives you different perspectives depending on which side of the fence you're on.

"If you are buying, it's a house. If you are selling, it's a home" and speaks to personal attachment, motives, emotional and financial investment.

Determining fair market value is the most important part of listing a home if you expect it to sell; one could easily say it's half the battle - the other half being marketing effectively.

Even the most effective marketing won't sell an an over-priced home, though a home listed at the top range of fair market value can sell for more than expected if the marketing is broad,

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Real Estate Trends: Move-in-Condition

real estate trends, move in conditionLook around the internet at big profile real estate authority sites at trends and you'll soon discover that millennials desire move-in-condition properties.

A primary concern of younger buyers, which we're seeing a lot more of, is that properties are either new, renovated and updated and in move-in condition.

Older home sales, as-is property sales are likely to trend downward over 2016 while affordable homes ready for occupants are likely to sell much faster.

A few factors account for this. Many millennial buyers are carrying encumbering student loan debt and have extraordinarily busy lives as most young professional do. They are likely to not want to spend the time or the money to invest in fixing up a

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Schools and House Values

ohio school districts, ohio property valuesHome buyers have a lot of elements that factor where they will buy; career market, transportation, local amenities, affordability etc. but home buyers with children, or expecting home buyers have one extra consideration – school districts.

A powerful influence and why our site's property search allows house hunters to search by school district. Some buyers are concerned with the schools and some buyers consider schools with regard to property values.

They may have children they don’t wish to uproot, or scholarships could be in the works, academic quality and ratings or just because it’s what the parents are familiar with.

Learn more about buying a home and school district considerations further down.

According to

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