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The Gross Truth About Easements in Gross

As an active Realtor in Southwest Ohio, I come across situations involving easements in gross and other types of easements that can sometimes negatively impact a real estate transaction and also stories from new clients about easements causing issues in their past.

easements in gross

My business partner, Greg Hancock, and I are always seeking to educate buyers and sellers; easements in gross or easements period should always be looked for, evaluated and discussed.

Not doing so is like building without a permit and can come back and "bite you" down the road. I even have a personal story and example for you of how this can happen.

Easements can be defined or classified as easements in gross or easements appurtenant.

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11 Tips to Prevent Real Estate Closing Delays

If you’re thinking of buying a home, selling a home or perhaps already in the process, one of the most painful things a first time buyer, or any home buyer, can face is a delayed real estate closing which can cause a great deal of upset.

Bookmark this page! If you are selling a home, these tips will serve you well as they would a home buyer. 

real estate closing

Buying a home in SW Ohio?

Just because you have a closing date, or just going with what generally accepted time frames are is no guarantee that your real estate closing will happen in a timely manner.

There are many reasons a real estate closing can be delayed, some of it falling on the seller’s shoulders, some on the agents involved and some delays are

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Are You Really Prepared for the Cost of Buying a Home?

In a fast moving and ever-changing real estate market, buyers wrestle with wanting to make a home purchase happen but have you asked if yourself if you are really prepared for the cost of buying a home?

I’d hate to see you fail, I really would.

the cost of buying a home

It happens; you find a house that meets all or most all your requirements and you’ve actually spoken to a lender and a pre-approved for a home loan, let’s say $250,000 and the listing is also $250,000.

Let’s also say, hypothetically, you get an accepted offer at $240,000 and you jump for joy – but then one by one, expenses start to pop up and you begin to worry if the cost of buying a home is going to be too great.

Planning now, and more

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10 Steps on How to Buy a House

You start poking around the internet, looking at homes and entertaining the idea of how wonderful it would be, but need a starting place on how to buy a house and stop paying your landlord's mortgage.

It's an admirable goal with a lot of benefits; improved credit, building equity and having a valuable asset that can pay off handsomely down the road as a rental property someday when you upgrade to another property or sell it off for retirement funds later in life. Too, making a place uniquely your own and filling it with grand memories and the sense of pride that only a homeowner would know.

how to buy a house

It takes more than dreaming about it though. Dreams are great, but breaking down a goal into manageable steps helps ensure

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$10,000 Prize for Taxpayer Experience Overhaul?

taxpayer design contest, taxpayer system design contestTaxpayers and mortgage borrowers have something in common - If they are home owners, they are the same.

In a ground-breaking move, the IRS is launching its first crowdsourced challenge with a $10,000 prize to who can dream up the best idea to "reimagine the taxpayer experience of the future." and asking the public for help.

A bold move, guess who's putting up the prize money?

The Mortgage Banker Association.

"For the MBA, it hopes that its involvement in the crowdsourcing challenge results in an improved experience for the taxpayer, which, in turn, would help to improve the consumer experience for lending, according to Rick Hill, the MBA’s vice president of industry technology." states Ben

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Title Search for Home buyers, Prelim Title for Sellers

Once an offer is accepted, and before the close of escrow, it's standard operation and procedure to review the title report to make sure a property is free and clear of any defects.

Why is this important? Well, for starters, a buyer would want to make sure there are no liens like a mechanics' lien for uncompensated work or property tax lien for delinquent property taxes and to make sure that no one else unknown has a stake in the property. Also buyers are going to want to know about easements, encroachments, covenants and restrictions that may impede their enjoyment of the property. 

title search

After your offer is accepted, the title company commences with compiling this report from a search of

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Adverse Possession – Don’t Lose Your Property!

Possession being 9/10 of the law, as a home owner, or future home owner you should understand a little about the term adverse possession.

Adverse possession is a way that over time another can legally gain part or all of your property. This typically happens due to unnoticed or unchallenged activity on the property.

real estate terms adverse possession

The legal theory behind vesting of title to part or all your property is that it must be certain. The homeowner must have by his or her own neglect failed to protect the property against the actions of the adverse possessor. An adverse possessor who has treated the property or land as their own for a significant period of time can be recognized as the owner.

Greg, can you put that

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Is Title Insurance Necessary?

So, you're buying or thinking of buying a home or other type of property and in your course of learning you may find yourself asking if title insurance is really necessary.

In a word - absolutely

All kinds of inconvenient, time-consuming, costly and even horrific circumstances can happen without it. To understand why title insurance is necessary, first understand what it is.

is title insurance necessary

Imagine getting a knock on your door one day, perhaps a few months after closing and having put a lot of money into your new home and "cousin Jim" of the previous owner shows up and says "I'll take that room over there", Of course, you reply, "no,you will not" and the litigation ensues.

Maybe the former spouse shows up and demands their

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