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Cincinnati Mortgage Rate Jitters Needn’t Spur Hasty Decisions

Mortgage rates in Cincinnati remained mostly steady this past month, at least partially due to the predictable July-August doldrum effect. When the summertime vacation schedules of Washington and Manhattan movers and shakers presages a slowdown in activity and economic reports, there is simply less going on that might affect the rate meter—in either direction.

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Summertime can also mark the beginning of a nationwide tapering off of real estate’s peak selling season. With the added factor of mortgage rates in (town) looking as if they will remain invitingly low for the near future, fear of a sudden rate rise is ebbing as well. It’s the kind of apprehension that can spur some buyers

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Is Zillow Accurate? - The Zillow Pill

Many Realtors have an absolute love-hate relationship with Zillow over several issues, but the main pill is always "is Zillow accurate". Zillow has certainly done a bang up job when it comes to buyer traffic and enticing sellers to want their homes on their real estate site.

Take your meds, but check the side effects first.

Answering the question is Zillow accurate is easy and the answer generally no. But depends on local MLS cooperation in your area. Zillow often over-estimates and under-estimates house values. Either way, it's bad for buyers, sellers and for agents trying to serve their clients.

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Using some homes from the Cincinnati MLS, let's take a look at a few properties and ask is Zillow accurate

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