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Perfect Pricing: the Sweet Spot for Cincinnati Listings

Figuring out the perfect pricing for any Cincinnati home for sale would be easier if there were a way to confirm past instances that hit that mark precisely. But that can’t be done. It’s the nature of the beast: it’s simply not possible. Even if a comparable Cincinnati home’s asking price resulted in being sold immediately at that exact amount, it only could have been priced perfectly. We can’t know that it wasn’t priced too low.

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Even if the pricing on some Cincinnati home was quickly met and even exceeded—IOW, it resulted in a bidding —that might be evidence that it had been originally priced too low. Even that isn’t certain because the supposed under-pricing resulted in a sale that was

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10 Home Improvements for House Value

Before you get too excited about Zillow’s estimate of your home, remember that Zillow have never been inside your home. In fact, their own website states that it is “computed using a proprietary formula” and notably,  “It is not an appraisal”. Therefore, the true value of your home could be very different to what is displayed on Zillow. The great thing is, you can skyrocket the value of your property by carrying out some renovations. 

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1) Paint - After living in a home for a while, it is easy to forget that it might have lost its fresh look. Some dirt and scuff marks hold memories, but a prospective buyer won’t see it that way. A lick of paint can make your home look like it was just built. Plus, it is one of

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7 Must-Have Real Estate Tools & Apps 2016

real estate tools, real estate appsReal estate technology keeps gaining ground and with so many apps and tools screaming for your business how do you choose which ones to utilize?

Obviously, trying to do it all would be counter productive. Choosing tools that are comfortable for you to use, save you time, create a better quality service to offer your clients, buying or selling, is what it should be all about.

There are also a lot of tools and apps recently developed or in the works as companies move to capitalize on real agent spending.

Ask yourself; "Does it help buyers and sellers?"

So, what's worth it? Reviewing dozens of tools, I boiled it down to these must-haves.

1. An Online-Presence. You don't have to have a huge audience

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Is Zillow Accurate? - The Zillow Pill

Many Realtors have an absolute love-hate relationship with Zillow over several issues, but the main pill is always "is Zillow accurate". Zillow has certainly done a bang up job when it comes to buyer traffic and enticing sellers to want their homes on their real estate site.

Take your meds, but check the side effects first.

Answering the question is Zillow accurate is easy and the answer generally no. But depends on local MLS cooperation in your area. Zillow often over-estimates and under-estimates house values. Either way, it's bad for buyers, sellers and for agents trying to serve their clients.

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Using some homes from the Cincinnati MLS, let's take a look at a few properties and ask is Zillow accurate

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