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Your home seen by thousands daily? In order to get your listing sold for top dollar—and fast—you need a real estate company that can keep up with the rapidly increasing pace of the modern market. And that’s exactly what you’ll get with OwnerLand Realty. Are you also looking to buy a home?

The average real estate agent is content to simply post your property in an MLS and hope that buyers find it. At OwnerLand Realty, we understand that the key to selling your home is to get it out there in front of as many potential buyers as possible.

That’s why our team of real estate professionals is dedicated to crafting innovative, proactive marketing strategies better suited to today’s digital marketplace.

So how do we do it? - OwnerLand Realtors in Ohio

We offer the services detailed here at no cost to sellers!

selling my home west chester, list my home west chesterVisual Presentation

Like so many things in life, success in real estate begins with making a good first impression. The open house/viewing process is a critical aspect of real estate sales. But since your online homebuyer is unable to actually walk through the property, it’s up to us to make them feel like they’re inside the home by offering the best online visual representation possible.

We provide Virtual Tours and Youtube videos (sample below) with powerful Syndicated Advertising.

This means using professional real estate photography and high-quality, professionally produced virtual video tours, bringing your property to life.

It also means optimizing images for higher search engine visibility: Everything from file names to alt tags embedded in the HTML can help boost an image’s ranking on google and other popular search engines, so we make sure every detail of your image is optimized to outperform the competition.

And faster loading times: With over 40% of online homebuyers using smartphones and tablets to access real estate listings, optimizing images for mobile technology is absolutely crucial. And since the average mobile shopper will simply abandon your site if it takes more than a few seconds to load, the usual slow-loading 5 megabyte photos used by most listing agents can actually hurt your chances of selling. We make sure this never happens by optimizing our hi-res property photos for mobile browsers, giving you an edge in a fast-paced marketing space where every millisecond counts.

sell my home lebanon, list my home lebanonSocial Marketing

A robust social media marketing strategy allows us at OwnerLand to pinpoint potential buyers in your area and interact with them in real time. Our social media outreach network includes:

  • Facebook – We post your listing on our Business Facebook page, and share it with our personal timelines and friends, as well as several popular real estate Facebook groups. And with the addition of powerful paid Facebook advertising, we can select and target a radius of 5-25 miles around your property’s address to guarantee the listing is seen by 5,000 to 25,000 local residents.
  • Twitter - Greg and I schedule your listing on Twitter for multiple postings per week per account.
  • Google Plus - We post to a large number of real estate groups on Google Plus, similar to groups on Facebook.
  • Linked In - Greg and I have a large active network on Linked In, which includes other Realtors in Ohio, mortgage lenders, title officers, home inspectors and contractors.
  • Pinterest - A great place to share a listing and enticing visual content, we post to both our accounts and main Pinterest Business page.

sell my home, listing agent ohioReliable Real Estate Advertising Network

Once your listing is polished, optimized and ready for its big debut, we use our in-depth knowledge of the Cincinnati OH real estate network to give your property maximum visibility.

For this we rely on:

  • A Proprietary Website – Each of our virtual tours gets its own dedicated website powered by TourFactory, to give your property a concrete presence in the digital world.
  • Showcasing – Your virtual tour will also be featured on this site, YouTube and other top real estate sites to target buyers in your market.
  • Local MLS – Your listing will be entered into the Cincinnati and Dayton MLS, allowing your virtual tour to be seen across all broker reciprocity sites.
  • Our Buyer Contact Database – We maintain a growing database of thousands of local home buyers. Your listing gets emailed to those home buyers within a targeted radius of your property to directly connect you to nearby buyers.
  • Just Listed Post Cards Most real estate agents don't send out "just listed" post cards, and out of the few that do, they typically send out about 20. We feel that despite the current trend toward digital marketing, customers still respond to physical advertising materials that they can hold in their hands. That’s why we send 100 Just Listed Postcards to everyone in your neighborhood. This helps capitalize on local buyer opportunities, especially with those who are leasing and wanting to buy or upgrading to a nicer home.

sell my home for more, sell my home fastWhy List With Us?

We provide these services at no additional cost to sellers, and at this level of high-end marketing we get you home sold faster and command a higher price on average. Having your listing in front of this many potential buyers means selling faster, and when a home sells faster there's less risk of price reductions and stalling.

See some of our testimonials! If you'd like our professional opinion of your home's worth and fair market value, complete the simple for below and we'll comp it for you. No automated house value tool can accurately answer that question. We research comps on the Cincinnati MLS and Dayton MLS if applicable to give you a low, median and highest price analysis and make our pricing suggestions based on your time frame to sell. Fill out the form below and we'll be happy to give you my professional opinion of your home's worth

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Our Business Runs on Satisfied Clients

And also why they continue to refer to us year after year. We buy and sell dozens of homes annually and love what we do. We make it happen, we stay the course and while passionate about protecting your interests and saving you money, we're compassionate and human too!

Indian Hill homes for sale We recently worked with Marty to both sell our home and buy another.

Marty takes a very straightforward and honest approach as an agent which is something that I was looking for when my family and I started this process. Rather than being focused on how quickly he could sell or get us to buy to  make as much money as possible he truly had the best intentions of my family in mind.

Not everything goes smoothly with this process all the time and Marty did an incredible job of navigating us through both sides of the buying and selling process. He made sure if he did not have the answer or was not 100% he would find out the information we needed before we made decisions.

While our goal was to buy a home that we plan to be in with our family for many years I would absolutely use Marty again as well as refer him to any friends and family in need of an agent. I know sometimes people see 5 stars across everything and think maybe this is someone just trying to boost a good review but I honestly cannot put anything less for Marty Snyder. Thanks Marty! You made dreams come true for me and my family!!!

Bischoff family

Monroe Ohio homes for sale Marty was unbelievable to work with. He made the process of home buying easy and effortless. I would highly recommend Marty to an new home buyer. I found d and closed on the perfect home for me and my family in under 60 days with the aid of Marty and his team.

Patrick Rakes

monroe ohio real estate We had a great experience with Marty. He is very responsive and knowledgeable. We worked with Marty to purchase a new home and sell our current home. During the buying process, Marty helped negotiate a good contract and set up appointments quickly. We highly recommend Marty due to his  professionalism and great personality. He's been fun to work with!

Ryan Zarbaugh

clermont county homes Marty Snyder, is a superstar! He's has a wealth of knowledge and resources - which, you know, is invaluable while buying or purchasing a home. All of Marty's resources/connections were just as professional as he, with prompt and professional service delivery. I really appreciate Marty, Greg and  their network for helping us in finding a home, going through the process of the purchase (title company, mortgage, inspections), so much to do in such little time and these guys act swift to meet our needs. Thank you!

N. R.

west chester ohio homes for sale As a first time home buyer, I highly recommend Marty & Greg Hancock's team to represent any future potential buyers. He is very straightforward, friendly, and patient. I had been looking at houses on and off for a year and a half, and Marty was very patient with me during this time and did not  pressure me at all.

He checked in with me frequently and was always willing to answer any questions. When I was ready to purchase a home, he was always extremely responsive and willing to show me homes even at odd hours, when I'm sure he would have rather spent that time with his family instead.

While showing homes, I appreciated how straight forward Marty was. He did not embellish any features or try to pressure me into any specific house. Instead he allowed me to make my own decision, while pointing out any potential problems a house had that I originally did not think of (i.e. power line easement issues, structural flaws, potential future resale value, etc).

This was especially helpful to me as a first time home buyer. After he helped me draft a contract, he was an extremely effective negotiator helped me get the house for just a little bit more than my original offer, which was well under the appraised value. He also included quite a few clauses in our contract meant to protect me.

While under contract, we ran into quite a few issues with my lender, appraiser, & listing agent when I was unfairly charged for a re-trip fee. Marty took the stress off my plate by working with everyone involved to make sure I was never responsible for the extra fee, and he was so gracious that he even offered to pay for it himself even though he was never at fault. I can't imagine a better realtor than Marty in the Tri-State Area.

He is very professional. I would use him to represent me again in any of my future real estate needs and I encourage anyone who is looking to purchase a home in this area to contact Marty to represent them!

Sahithi K.

fairfield ohio homes for sale Marty sold our unsellable house and made us money while doing it. We had our home listed the previous year during peak real estate months, our previous agent with a different company lowered the price 40k from what she started at and could not sell it, if she had, we would have owed thousands of  dollars. Marty took into account several factors and listed at a firm price. He did not have us hide our belongings to make it look like we hardly lived there as the previous agent had. He was understanding that we have 3 small children and made sure we had adequate notice before showings. In all of what he did he was honest and transparent with all parties. He did not sugar coat the ease with which our house would sell because it did have issues. Marty was however, up front about the issues with potential buyers. This might have cut down on showings, but it meant the people who were looking were genuinely interested. We still had more showings with Marty than the months it was listed with our former agent. Marty's percentage is very reasonable, he takes great pictures of the house, and really gets it out there. The amount of time he spent on our house was surely not a reflection of his commission, as even though our home did not sell for the price of most homes (although he still sold it for more than we paid) listed in the area, he really made us feel like our family was his priority. I would recommend Marty to anyone, five stars are simply not enough!!!

Megan Menard

Lebanon Ohio homes Marty did an excellent job at advising and guiding us through our home purchase. Marty is very knowledgeable and is a full time realtor, which made this process very smooth for us. Greg Hancock works behind the scene with the marketing. We were very impressed with their skills and highly recommend them to any one looking for a positive home purchase experience. 

Jodi & Kevin H.

Liberty Twp homes for sale My wife and I starting searching for homes in spring (2016) and since we were first time homebuyers we decided to get a real estate agent. We both like to do our homework when buying something or choosing a professional to do work, so we took our time and made a short list of people who were highly ranked on various websites, and obviously we chose Marty. 

There were several things I liked about Marty right away. First, he was always very friendly, a good communicator, and was on time from the first time meeting him. Searching for a home is a somewhat stressful process, but Marty helped us relax through the whole thing. He gave us a lot of information at our first meeting, although it never seemed overwhelming because he told us what we should think about right away and what could wait. He also provided several documents to us that were intended for new homebuyers. They were very useful and detailed.
We had been casually looking at homes online in January, but we started to visit places with Marty in April. At the time, the real estate market was very competitive and most homes in our price range that we considered (and many that we did not consider) had multiple offers on the home the same day. Marty never shoved his opinions on us, and we always felt relaxed. I’m sure many of the people that were walking through these open houses or homes for sale did not feel relaxed. When I asked for his opinion, Marty always gave very straightforward and honest answers. He also was so insightful with his observations that by the end of our searches, I was asking him his opinion on everything inside every home. Knowing how to judge a home’s value and through discussions with Marty figuring out what my wife and I wanted was simply the most valuable thing I could have asked for!
I also have to comment on how patient Marty was with us. We looked at a fair number of homes and never tried to push us into a home just to move on to the next client. I think he is a very reasonable person with reasonable expectations for new homebuyers. Our search lasted from approximately April until we found our home in July. On several occasions, we called Marty last minute so that we could look at a home and he would meet us at the home. He did that even at night or weekends or whenever we needed him. I think he definitely earns his money!
Eventually, we saw a house go for sale and we decided to go look at it. It had been on sale before, but had been taken off the market on its first day of listing (sale pending) before we could go look at it. Now it was on sale again, what luck! My wife and I drove back from a trip to Columbus to see the house, called Marty and asked him to drop what he was doing to go look at it (which he did) and we had a contract written up by the time we got there. We loved it, put an offer in, and that’s where we’re living now! 
Marty made our process really easy as he uses a website called dotloop to handle all the documents and contracts. Not only can I find them easily without having to sift through paper after paper, but I could sign things digitally too. This meant that everything could move faster (I didn't have to call to set up a meeting with him to sign a document. I could just sign it whenever was convenient for me). This was crucial in such an aggressive real-estate market when you have 3 hours from when the home was listed to have a contract written up and signed. After we put our offer in and it was accepted, everything was just so easy. We knew what to expect and there were no surprises. Very simple.

So, if you’re looking for a good agent, go with Marty! We are glad we did. Now we have a beautiful home. Truthfully I didn’t know that I could find such a great home as my first one!

Jeremy Erb

Middletown Ohio home for sale Marty made the 1st time buyer experience easy & comfortable. He always put my needs first! What a great individual to know. I truly appreciate all his hard work and absolutely loved his sense of humor! Highley recommended by our family. 

Nina H.

Kettering homes I am a first time home owner and Marty went above and beyond to help me out. He was very thorough and always answered all the questions I had. I very highly recommend him!!!

Lisa H.

buying a home Very experienced and knowledgeable in the business. Marty was quick with housing research and answers needed. Was patient with our varying housing choices and accommodated our erratic decision schedule.

Don McNeal

Clermont County homes Terrible - purchasing a new home could be a terrible experience but not with Marty and Greg!! 
The sellers' agent had all of the class and tact of a charging water buffalo, was extremely difficult to work with, however. Marty and Greg have the upmost professionalism, positive attitude and are well-connected. Marty and Greg were able to get the job done and we closed ahead of schedule! Mark Peterson with Warsaw Federal and the folks at American Homeland Title were swift and fantastic. Everyone accelerated the process to meet my expectation. I'm very fortunate to have found Marty and Greg. Their years of experience and knowhow benefited me tremendously. Thank you for all your time, patience, guidance and for working so diligently. We truly appreciate it.

Noah Rowell

middletown ohio homes Marty did a wonderful job, the entire process was quick and painless. We would gladly recommend Marty to our friends, family and neighbors. We look forward to working with Marty in the future.

Steve and Beth R.

madison twp oh homes Marty and Greg are amazing realtors that make their clients feel like they are priority #1! They are diligent, honest, and hard working realtors. Thank you for helping us find our perfect home! Marty Snyder and Greg Hancock are amazing at what they do! They listen to your needs/wants and work hard to make it happen. They have their clients best interest in mind at all times and I am truly grateful for their quick response. We texted Marty in the middle of the night after seeing our perfect home pop up on the property listings portal. He responded quickly and met us early that morning to show the home. We just closed on this home two days ago. I love these realtors!

Jeanne Rohrig

Lakota schools homes for sale From our 1st meeting, we knew this was a very impressive sales agent with amazing marketing skills. As sellers we wanted to be assured that we would not only get the full value of our home, but that the transaction would happen as quick as possible. Marty did so much prep work to let the market know our house was GOING to be available, that when we did list, there were interested buyers lined up and the offer we accepted came less then 48 hours after listing. We highly recommend, Marty not only for his knowledge, talent, and professionalism but for his personal commitment to us. Honest, dependable and reliable.

Rin & Steve Dattilio

Loved working with Marty! Honest and very knowledgeable and is great at Communicating.

Lindsay Robbins

Butler County real estate Marty was always pleasant, flexible, VERY KNOWLEDGEABLE, and helpful. He kept me current in marketing, competition surrounding my home, and gave ideas to help the home sell. He stayed in constant contact and answered all my calls. No matter how crazy I got he stayed steady and positive. He was my rock in what can be a very stressful time trying to sell my home. I never write reviews but he really deserves this one. Thanks Marty!!!

Angela Veal

We have worked with Marty as both buyers and sellers. We met him through good fortune about 10 years ago when he showed us a house that was one of his listings. After we decided to sell our current home, he was the only person we approached to take the listing even though we know and have worked with other realtors. Marty has several great qualities for a realtor. In addition to having a pleasant personality, he returns calls and e-mails almost immediately every time. He responds promptly in person too. Whenever we wanted to see a house, he was there to show it. If we recall correctly, he even showed us one property on Christmas Eve day. He provided valuable insights, answered our questions, and never tried to push us to make an offer. When we had questions about selling our current house, he showed up at our property the next day and gave us an honest assessment. We sometimes feel like we must be his only clients. Marty also has gone above and beyond in making recommendations about getting our current house market-ready. Whether you are a buyer or a seller, Marty is a real go-getter who will work hard on your behalf. We have great confidence in him. 

Doug & Christiana Waymire

monroe oh homes for sale As my realtor Marty Snyder was there at every turn every decision every making of this new built home. He never wavered in on anything that I asked for ! always looking for me and he would find it . It was a great pleasure working with Marty, if I was to sell or buy again he would be the first person I would contact. 
Don't get me wrong there were lots of dead ends, wrong turns, ever, I'm praying that in the long run I have won as well as my realtor.

Kim Peterson

We have purchased 3 homes with MARTY being our buyers broker. He is an articulate negotiator and has saved us thousands. He is always available and works tirelessly on our behalf. If you want the job done right bed every detail addressed, then Marty is your guy.

Bryan Whipp

Marty is willing to go the extra mile for each of his clients. There are no questions left unanswered when you work with him! Makes buying your first home a breeze.

Dani Hendershott

Marty is definitely the best realtor I've ever dealt with. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to buy or sell a home in the area :)

Michelle Hart

Monroe Oh houses for sale Marty was simply the best realtor we could have asked for. As first time home buyers, we had a lot of questions. All of which Marty answered accurately and in a way that made sense to someone who has never been through this before. I know if it had not been for Marty, we would not have gotten the house that we did. It is a seller's market right now and I'm confident we had the perfect realtor to represent us in our search for our first home. He has always responded quickly to my (multiple) emails, text messages and calls. He would have showings scheduled within 15 minutes of my request. Also one thing I really respected and appreciated was his HONESTY. He was never pushy and never wanted us to get into something we wouldn't be comfortable with. I will always recommend Marty to any friends and family with real estate needs!

Jena Rohan

Marty has been very patient with us in finding a home. We are searching for the perfect farm on a limited budget and he has not been pushy. He has walked numerous properties with us and understands what we want and is willing to help us find it.

Alicia Baker

lakota schools homes for sale We listed and bought with Marty. Our house sold full price in less than 12 hours and we found the house of our dreams after many hours of searching with him. He tried to make the entire process as smooth as possible and has remained in contact with us after closing to check in on things. You will not be disappointed if you choose Marty as your realtor!

Mike and Kayla

Hi Marty,  I don’t mean you any alarm, I just wanted to reach out to you and say “THANK YOU”.  We are doing some post-closing work on this file, so you popped in my head.  I just wanted to reach out to you and let you know how much I appreciated working with you on the sale  of Greg and Linda Lawson’s home.  You are wonderful!  It is not that often, we get to work alongside someone that makes our job easier and you did just that for me!  You stayed in touch with updates and provided all the information we needed for the seller side, so very promptly.  You can really tell that your clients are important to you and you go above and beyond! Marty, again THANK YOU BUNCHES for being so great!  I just wanted to let you know I appreciated all you did. I wish you the best and I hope I get the pleasure of working with you again in the future!!

Michelle Willoughby at Priority National Title Co.

Monroe OH homes for sale I would highly recommend! Marty was very professional, did a great job on the pictures and listing. He gave good advice on the offers received. We were out of state during the sale and he was very responsive and immediately communicated any changes or documents that needed to be signed electronically.

Greg Lawson

Middletown Oh real estate Marty was very knowledgeable, professional, and a pleasure to work with. This was our first time selling a house and he made a rather complicated a difficult process very easy to understand. He was very patient and helpful and I would highly recommend him if your looking for a realtor to sell your home.

Mark and Brenda

Fairfield Oh homes for sale With being a first time home buyer being so stressful, it was nice to have a realtor walk through the whole process with us, and take the time to explain everything, sometimes twice, so we understood. Marty was very patient, and very reliable.

Britanny L

monroe oh homes for sale Marty was excellent in finding a home for me and my family. His knowledge both in finding a good value along with what to look for when viewing the home gave me confidence in our decision. Next home I move to I'm hiring Marty!

Ryan Hogan

Hamilton Oh homes for sale Wow..just wow. Let me just say right off, that if it wasn't for Marty I wouldn't be enjoying my new home. He goes well above and beyond to make sure you find the right home and get you into it. The whole process was a lot less stressful as well. Thanks to his great communication skills and keeping us in the loop a long the way. 10/10. Would highly recommend!

Michael Carter

Based on services that Marty Snyder and his associates provided for me and my family, I would HIGHLY recommend him to anyone wanting to purchase a home. His knowledge and expertise with the foreclosure market, gave my wife and I the competitive edge needed to close on our house quickly and  efficiently. If you are looking for the best service and knowledge of the market available, trust Marty Snyder!

Michael S

Middletown Ohio houses for sale Working with Marty was very educational and fun. He was very patient considering we went thru quite a few houses. We had a lot of ups and downs during our process and he was always there to help us thru them. I would recommend highly recommend working with him.

Reggie C

Mason condos for sale I will utilize Marty's services again when purchasing/selling real estate and have recommended to family and friends. Excellent customer service, knowledge of the industry/market and well networked with other professionals that share his passion for servicing clients.

Jeff N

Marty is a true professional. He is very knowledgeable and honest with your questions. He will never leave a question unanswered and works diligently for his clients. We not only purchased a house from him but our daughter also purchased one.

Sandy A

Mason Oh homes for sale This was a cross country relocation. As I only vaguely knew the area, I needed a realtor with extensive knowledge of the Cincinnati metro area, the patience of Job and a great sense of humor. Marty has all three. Plus, Marty brought a sold set of realty expertise to the search & closure. He is  straightforward, always positive and organized. He listened to my needs. Why did I opt for Marty rather than all the other referrals? Marty called (rather than email or text) and then followed up with a 2nd call. This is indicative of how he does business; he treated me as a person 1st & only maybe a commission somewhere much further down the line.

Christine Crocker

Hamilton Oh homes for sale Marty was a tremendous help when it came to buying my home. We were first time home buyers and knew nothing going into this. I actually found him on Trulia! He was great working with us every step of the way and never hesitated to answer my millions of new home buyer questions. I definitely  recommend him to first time home buyers and experienced home buyers.

Lindsay R

Clinton County homes for sale Marty is an awesome realtor, in which I highly recommend to anyone looking to buy or list a home. He is very responsive, knowledgeable, and buying my home was a pleasure to do with Marty as my realtor.

Karl Stollsteimer

Middletown Oh homes for sale Marty was an amazing realtor! I cannot say enough wonderful things about all the help & knowledge he gave to us during our home-buying process. Being first-time homebuyers, we went into the process not knowing very much, but Marty walked us through the whole process, gave us honest opinions,  looked out for our well-being, & made sure we were making the best decisions. He was quick to respond to all questions, inquiries & paperwork. He was available on our schedule to see any house that we wanted. I would HIGHLY recommend Marty to any homebuyer. Our experience with him was nothing but positive!

Nicole S

Marty was a key leader in our organization. He is an insightful, creative, trust worthy and energetic individual that has true compassion for helping others. He excels in training, technology, leadership, and strategic thinking. During his time with our company he has made a significant impact in creating and growing our lead referral program. He is well respected and trusted by his colleagues at Berkshire Hathway HomeServices and his piers throughout the real estate industry, and we are sorry to see him go, but wish him the very best at his new brokerage. In addition to all of that, he is a top notch real estate agent that runs his business as a true professional and with a singular focus on meeting his clients needs. I highly recommend Marty as a real estate agent, a leader, and as a human being. I am privileged to know him and to have had him as part of our leadership team.

David Mussari

As a real estate litigator and real estate law instructor, I interact a great deal with many real estate professionals for a variety of reasons. Marty is very serious about serving his customers' needs to the fullest extent possible, and at the same time he is exceptionally personable and humorous. He treats his clients as if they were long time friends or family. I would not hesitate to recommend Marty to my friends engaged in real estate transactions. 

Joshua Davidson

I've known Marty only briefly but you know when you meet somebody you have a feelng about them, a gut feeling. Mine of Marty was of a genuine sincere person. As I talked with Marty and had the pleasure of working with them with a mutual client I've come to realize my gut feeling was not only true but I've learned more about him. Marty's a family man, he loves his customers, he loves what he does, and he goes the extra mile. Marty is truly someone you want to work with and I'm glad I had the opportunity to meet him.

Dustin Swigart

Lebanon Ohio homes for sale Marty sold my home in about a month. He worked tirelessly using a variety of venues to market my home and sell it for the price I wanted. Marty also sold me my new home that we just closed on last week. He worked with me for nearly 6 months, looking at innumerable properties, until I got just  what I was looking for and in my price range. He hung in there with me when other realtors would have given up. I was always treated with respect and consideration by an unfailingly cheerful Marty.

Michele H

cincinnati real estate Marty was great to work with on my home search. He was patient as we viewed many homes until I found just the right one. I felt like he honestly cared about finding me the right home and not pressuring me into buying something that wasn't a fit for me. He was always quick to get back to me and  really helped guide me through the whole process. I would highly recommend Marty to anyone looking for a great real estate agent.

Elizabeth B

Waynesville Oh homes for sale Marty is very knowledgeable about the surrounding areas. Always responded very quickly & was available the entire weekend since we were relocating from out of town & on a very tight schedule. He worked hard to get us the information we needed and helped us purchase our dream home and saved us thousands of dollars too!. Highly recommend!!!


Springboro homes for sale As first time home buyers, Marty was very patient and guided us through the entire process. He answered our numerous questions quickly and accurately. We appreciated how Marty was helpful but never pushy. Ultimately, he helped us move into our dream home! We would highly recommend Marty to anyone  looking to purchase a home in the Cincinnati/Dayton area.

Emily L

Middletown Oh home for sale My husband and I started talking with Marty in January of 2015. We are now as of April,17,2015 in our new home. Thanks to his hard work. He gave our family a chance when no one else would. I will forever be grateful. You can tell he is a person who genuinely cares for the clients he is working for.

Jayna H

Clermont County Oh homes for sale Marty was an excellent realtor and found us our dream home. He always had our best interest in mind. His honesty was very helpful to finding our home. Marty was like a third set of eyes for my husband and I when we were going through homes. He was very knowledgeable and great to have for buying our  first home. He responded to emails in a very timely manner. He was on top of the game. He would get us in to see homes very quickly, which was vital because the houses in our area were going fast. I would highly recommend Marty as your realtor.

Brittani Coleman

Marty was wonderful and full of knowledge. He kept with us through the whole process. Best part for me, he didn't even mind going to so many houses, until we found that right one! 

Kelly L

Lebanon Oh homes for sale Marty certainly went the extra mile for me. He's everything you'd expect a good RE agent to be. The house inspection revealed a problem that would cost the seller a lot of money for repairs. Marty helped guide me through the repair request process.

Tom O

Springfield Twp Oh homes for sale Marty was very prompt in his responses to any questions that we had from the very beginning all the way to the end while we were closing. If we wanted questions answered by the seller or any request that we made he was always ready to fight for us in order to get us the best deal possible. We did  not feel as if we were just another buyer but that he actually wanted to help us get what we wanted.

Jackie Wolfe

west chester realtor, realtor ohio, marty snyderWorking with Marty for our first home buying experience couldn't have been better. We had been looking for a house on and off for about a year, in various locations. Marty was always quick to respond to my emails and always happy to meet us to look at a new home, even if it has been a month since  our last contact. Because it was our first time as home buyers there was a lot we didn't know and Marty was very knowledgeable and patient enough to explain many things to us. Once we found the right home for us he made sure all of our requirements were met before closing. I couldn't have asked for a better experience.

T Freed

liberty township realtor, cincinnati real estate agent, marty snyderI highly recommend Marty for your real estate agent. He works hard for his clients and is very knowledgeable and exceptionally pleasant to work with. He showed me multiple homes in the price range I specified. Did not pressure me in any way to see homes out of my price range or make offers on homes  I was not interested in. He provided advise and suggestions only when I asked for them or if he knowledge he felt he should pass along. I will seek Marty out in the future for buying another home.

Victoria M

west chester realtor, cincinnati real estate agent, marty snyderMarty was simply the best realtor we could have asked for. As first time home buyers, we had a lot of questions. All of which Marty answered accurately and in a way that made sense to someone who has never been through this before. I know if it had not been for Marty, we would not have gotten  the house that we did. It is a seller's market right now and I'm confident we had the perfect realtor to represent us in our search for our first home. He has always responded quickly to my (multiple) emails, text messages and calls. He would have showings scheduled within 15 minutes of my request. Also one thing I really respected and appreciated was his HONESTY. He was never pushy and never wanted us to get into something we wouldn't be comfortable with. I will always recommend Marty to any friends and family with real estate needs!

Jena R

mason oh realtor, mason oh real estate agent, marty snyderMarty is the man! He was very patient with our house search as there were a couple of different houses we wanted to look at. And with how picky and indecisive I was being he was still very patient with us. Marty also was very quick to communicate back and fourth with us. He was always making sure  our e-mails and calls were replied back to. If you are looking for a laid back and non pushy realtor, Marty is your guy! Thanks so much for making our housing dreams come true. You rock! :)

Brady D

Monroe Oh homes for sale We could not have asked for a better realtor, Marty is absolutely fantastic! We had a lot of ups and downs in our process but Marty was there every step of the way and 100% supported us and stood by our side.  He is very honest, dependable, and laid back which fits our style perfect. He is very quick to respond to any questions or concerns and was always on top of the game. When we decided to list our house, he was over in a matter of hours and it was up that night! We couldn't have asked for anyone better to be by our side during the entire buying/selling process. I would highly recommend him to anyone and he will always have my business!

Kayla S

realtor ohio, marty snyder, cincinnati realtorMarty worked wonders for me. Was very responsive to every email or call i sent. Had showings setup within a few hours for the homes i liked and wanted to see... highly recommend anyone using him that wants superior service.Have referred several friends to him and will definitely be using him for  future home purchases.. A++

Dan Caudill

cincinnati realtor, marty snyder, ohio realtorIf you need a house Marty is your guy!! He went above and beyond to make sure we found a house we loved!! He was so nice about getting us listings and any house we wanted to see he made sure we saw it in a timely manner!

Jake Centers

cincinnati real estate agent, cincinnati realtor, marty snyderMarty is Amazing! I've met several Realtors® in my life, and not one compares. He is very honest and straight forward about everything. A lot of realtors focus more on getting houses sold for their own benefit, where as Marty focuses on finding his client the right home for their family and needs. Marty made me very comfortable and confident about finding a house. If you come across something you don't understand, he will help you to, or will find the right person to help you. He went through extra lengths to help me get the house I really wanted, we closed on that house together today. I plan to recommend him to everyone I know. 

Tawni T

realtor ohio, marty snyder, cincinnati realtor Marty is very personable. He will go over the top to help you and your family find the perfect home. He was a wonderful asset to our family during this journey of buying a new home.

Stephanie P

West Chester Ohio homes for sale We consider him a family friend! He is very knowledgeable, resourceful, and does whatever it takes to get you into a house you can call your own! Although I'm sure he doesn't enjoy it, he met us even on Sunday nights to view homes. He gives personal attention to detail, and saved us thousands. You can look elsewhere but why bother? He is simply the best!

Gabe W.

Deerfield Twp homes for sale Marty was friendly and personable from day one when we met him at an open house, months before we actually purchased a home & sold ours. Throughout our journey he was quick to get back to us about any questions or to show us a home we wanted to see. He was very pleasant to work with, respectful,  honest & knowledgeable. I would recommend him to anyone that is interested in buying or selling a home.


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