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Your home seen by thousands of local residents daily? In order to get your listing sold for top dollar—and fast—you need a real estate company that can keep up with the rapidly increasing pace of the modern market. And that’s exactly what you’ll get with OwnerLand Realty. Are you also looking to buy a home?

The average real estate agent is content to simply post your property in an MLS and hope that buyers find it. At OwnerLand Realty, we understand that the key to selling your home is to get it out there in front of as many potential buyers as possible.

That’s why our team of real estate professionals is dedicated to crafting innovative, proactive marketing strategies better suited to today’s digital marketplace.

So how do we do it? - OwnerLand Realtors in Ohio

We offer the services detailed here at no cost to sellers!

selling my home west chesterVisual Presentation

Like so many things in life, success in real estate begins with making a good first impression. The open house/viewing process is a critical aspect of real estate sales. But since your online homebuyer is unable to actually walk through the property, it’s up to us to make them feel like they’re inside the home by offering the best online visual representation possible.

We provide Virtual Tours and Youtube videos (sample below) with powerful Syndicated Advertising.

This means using professional real estate photography and high-quality, professionally produced virtual video tours, bringing your property to life.

It also means optimizing images for higher search engine visibility: Everything from file names to alt tags embedded in the HTML can help boost an image’s ranking on google and other popular search engines, so we make sure every detail of your image is optimized to outperform the competition.

And faster loading times: With over 40% of online homebuyers using smartphones and tablets to access real estate listings, optimizing images for mobile technology is absolutely crucial. And since the average mobile shopper will simply abandon your site if it takes more than a few seconds to load, the usual slow-loading 5 megabyte photos used by most listing agents can actually hurt your chances of selling. We make sure this never happens by optimizing our hi-res property photos for mobile browsers, giving you an edge in a fast-paced marketing space where every millisecond counts.

sell my home lebanonSocial Marketing

A robust social media marketing strategy allows us at OwnerLand to pinpoint potential buyers in your area and interact with them in real time. Our social media outreach network includes:

  • Facebook – We post your listing on our Business Facebook page, and share it with our personal timelines and friends, as well as several popular real estate Facebook groups. And with the addition of powerful paid Facebook advertising, we can select and target a radius of 5-25 miles around your property’s address to guarantee the listing is seen by 5,000 to 25,000 local residents.
  • Twitter - Greg and I schedule your listing on Twitter for multiple postings per week per account.
  • Google Plus - We post to a large number of real estate groups on Google Plus, similar to groups on Facebook.
  • Linked In - Greg and I have a large active network on Linked In, which includes other Realtors in Ohio, mortgage lenders, title officers, home inspectors and contractors.
  • Pinterest - A great place to share a listing and enticing visual content, we post to both our accounts and main Pinterest Business page.

sell my home fastReliable Real Estate Advertising Network

Once your listing is polished, optimized and ready for its big debut, we use our in-depth knowledge of the Cincinnati OH real estate network to give your property maximum visibility.

For this we rely on:

  • A Proprietary Website – Each of our virtual tours gets its own dedicated website powered by TourFactory, to give your property a concrete presence in the digital world.
  • Showcasing – Your virtual tour will also be featured on this site, YouTube and other top real estate sites to target buyers in your market.
  • Local MLS – Your listing will be entered into the Cincinnati and Dayton MLS, allowing your virtual tour to be seen across all broker reciprocity sites.
  • Our Buyer Contact Database – We maintain a growing database of thousands of local home buyers. Your listing gets emailed to those home buyers within a targeted radius of your property to directly connect you to nearby buyers.
  • Just Listed Post Cards – Most real estate agents don't send out "just listed" post cards, and out of the few that do, they typically send out about 20. We feel that despite the current trend toward digital marketing, customers still respond to physical advertising materials that they can hold in their hands. That’s why we send 100 Just Listed Postcards to everyone in your neighborhood. This helps capitalize on local buyer opportunities, especially with those who are leasing and wanting to buy or upgrading to a nicer home.

sell my home for moreWhy List With Us?

We provide these services at no additional cost to sellers, and at this level of high-end marketing we get you home sold faster and command a higher price on average. Having your listing in front of this many potential buyers means selling faster, and when a home sells faster there's less risk of price reductions and stalling.

See some of our testimonials! If you'd like our professional opinion of your home's worth and fair market value, complete the simple for below and we'll comp it for you. No automated house value tool can accurately answer that question. We research comps on the Cincinnati MLS and Dayton MLS if applicable to give you a low, median and highest price analysis and make our pricing suggestions based on your time frame to sell. Fill out the form below and we'll be happy to give you my professional opinion of your home's worth

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