Rent vs Buy a Home?

rent vs buy a home

Many who are renting would love to escape paying someone else's mortgage, feeling exasperated as that money disappears each month while weighing the question "Should I rent or buy a house?" and if it's even possible.

Three things to consider about whether to rent or buy a house are the initial expenses, then the monthly costs followed by the upkeep or maintenance of the property. For those that desire a more convenient lifestyle, but also the benefits of home ownership a condominium may just be perfect.

Let us give you an idea of how affordable buying is compared to renting. Let's take a nice 3 bed and 2 bath home priced at $150,000. With 3.5% down, the mortgage payment would be around $691 per month, plus taxes, insurance and PMI if applicable. You could do a lot worse renting! Try the mortgage calculator and discover what's comfortably affordable.

We save our first time home buyers thousands and excel at getting your closing costs covered by the seller!

For those weighing the question considering Southern Ohio real estate, we are happy to assist. Maybe you still need to lease or rent for a while, but we can still help you get prepared. We've worked with hundreds of first time home buyers over the years, buying and selling dozens of home annually.

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